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Running head: EVIDENCE BASED NURSING RESEARCH 1Evidence Based Nursing ResearchNameInstitution
EVIDENCE BASED NURSING RESEARCH2SynopsisThe title of the study is a good one and succinctly suggesting key variables (patient handhygiene protocol, hospital acquired infections, improve hand washing among nurses) and studypopulation. The abstract clearly and concisely summarize the major features of report includingbackground, problem, objective, methods, results, and conclusion. The introduction has easilyidentifiable, clear and unambiguous statement of the problem as critically ill patients being at ahigh risk of hospital-acquired infections thereby increasing their morbidity alongside mortality.And this problem statement clearly builds a cogent and persuasive argument for newstudy and has significance for nursing as it recognizes RN as the main healthcare providers ofphysical care like hygiene to decrease and bar hospital-acquired infections for criticallyhospitalized ill patients. Nurses will benefit from the new hygiene protocol which will enhancenurses’ hand-washing compliance in the ICU.The paradigm and methods used (pre-experimental study design) effectively matched theresearch problem it helped solve the problem. The quantitative approach remained suitable as itenabled test the explicitly stated and appropriately worded hypothesis and answer the researchquestions effectively. The hypothesis builds from the up-to-date literature and conceptualframework mainly from primary sources.Literature review has provided a state-of-the-art synthesis of evidence on researchproblem supported by efficient in-text citation and referencing thus providing a sound basis fornovel study. The researcher has adequately defined key concepts conceptually with theoreticalframework and rationale. The researchers used right method to protect rights of participantsbased on suitable procedures that safeguarded the subjects’ rights though never subjected toexternal review by an institutional review board/ethics review board.
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