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TUTORIAL ACTIVITY WORKBOOKWORKBOOK 3 OPERATIONS AND CULTUREOn completion of Tutorial Activities for workbook 3 Operations and Culture, please email directly to yourLecturer/Assessor.This workbook containing activities 24-30 (Workbook 3 – ‘Operations and Culture’), must becompleted,as anessential component of your assessment plan, and is required to be completedbeforeyou sit your final examassessment.Please note that areas ingreenare for assessors onlyNo part of this workbook may be reproduced by photocopying or any other means without written permissionfrom the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.
AACDS WORKBOOK COVERSHEETPlease submit to your AACDS lecturer.Unit1.4 Practice Management and AdministrationCourse(Please select)10510NATAdvanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science52709WAGraduate Diploma of Cosmetic NursingX52707WAGraduate Diploma of Dermal Therapies51107WADiploma of Management (Medispa Practice)AACDS ASSESSMENTPOLICYAssessments Marked “Competent” or “Not Yet Competent”:1.Must be completed by the due date specified in thestudent manual for each corresponding unit.2.If a student fails to meet the due date as specified, thismay incur additional fees to extend unit access.3.If a student consistently achieves “Not Yet Competent”and demonstrates poor performance in allassessments, AACDS reserves the right to terminatethe student’s enrolment for the corresponding unit.Graded Assessments/Exams:1.Must be completed by the due date specified in thestudent manual for each corresponding unit.2.A student will have the opportunity to resit a failedassessment, however on the second attempt the passmark will increase by 10%.3.If a student fails on the second attempt, the studentmust re-enrol into the failed unit at the current full-feeGRA DE(IFAP P LICA BLE):CompetentxNot Yet CompetentPlease Resubmit this Assessment by:ASSE SSME NTFE E DBA CKFRO MLE CTU RE R:Please review activity 25 and 28(4)CO MP LE T IO NO FA LLT UT O RIA LA CT IVIT IE S:YesNoRE CO MME NDA T IO NTOSITFINA LE X A MYesNoASSE SSO RSSIG NAT U RE:DAT E:AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 1.02Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 3
ACTIVITY 24SUPPLIERDETAILSComplete the worksheet using information found in the example of suppliers’ terms of trade document(Ultraceuticals) on page 5 and 6. Additional research may be necessary to complete this activity.INSTRUCTIONSComplete the sheet below using information from your organizations product suppliers or information found in theexample of supplier’s terms of trade document. Additional research may be necessary to complete this activityQuestion 1xYesNoHow long has this supplier been operating?The supplier firm ULTRACEUTICALS pty ltd has been operating from 1991.Question 2xYesNoAre they local, interstate or international?The organization operates in local as well as in the international market.Question 3xYesNoHow well know is their product?Theskin care products of the company are used by millions of consumers across various nations including AUSTRALIA,RUSSIA, HONGKONG, GREECE AND NEW ZEALANDQuestion 4xYesNoWhat types of businesses do they supply?ULTRACEUTICALS is leading Cosmeceutical brand and they supply products to various skin care clinics, plastic surgeonsand dermatologists. They also render products to Beauty therapists and salon owners.Question 5xYesNoWhat are their terms of trade?As per the terms and conditions of the company payment needs to be done within 30 days of the invoice date. If thedebt of the applicant business becomes overdue for 60 days than interest at the rate of 1.5 % will be charged on allthe over dues. Minimum opening order value is $2,500 and minimum ongoing order value is $300. free postage andhandling is provided when order exceeds $500. 30-day account is available for approved customers and RRP is alsorendered which includes 45% profit margin.Question 6xYesNoWhat is the mark up?The company offers 85 % markup on wholesale price.AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 1.03Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 3
Assessor’s commentsAUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 1.04Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 3
Question 7xYesNoWhat support do they offer?Management of ULTRACEUTICAL works with the objective to render quality services to their consumers. A fair andreasonable policy has been formulated by the company for its consumers. The company ensures that all thecommodities listed on their website should be currently in stock and pricing of the product is also kept fair andcorrect. Delivery of the products is done within the time-frames of 30 days. The consumers can take online skinconsultation from the experts of the company.Question 8xYesNoCan they back up claims about their product?The company has formulated a return back policy and if the consumer is not satisfied with the quality of product thanall the purchased goods can be returned back to ULTRACEUTICAL within 14 days of purchase. Full refund is offered bythe organization to theQuestion 9xYesNoWhat training is available?Trained Skincare professionals provide assistance in doing skin diagnosis before purchasing the products of thebusiness. Online SKYPE consultation is also rendered by skin experts of ULTRACEUTICAL. In addition to that trainedauthorized stockist has been appointed by the firm in selected stores and leading clinics.Question 10xYesNoIs there a minimum opening order?Yes, the ULTRACEUTICAL firm has set limits for minimum opening order value and it is $2,500.Question 11xYesNoIs there a minimum quantity of each product ordered?NO there is no limit on quantity of each product order.Question 12xYesNoAre there samples, testers and promotional material? Are they complimentary or do you have to purchase them?Company provides free skin diagnosis to its consumers before they purchase the products of the company. This iscomplementary and no charges are taken by the company for this service.Question 13xYesNoWill they support you with costs associated with marketing their product?YES and free handling and postage on delivery of orders is provided by the company.Assessor’s commentsAUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 1.05Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 3
AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 1.06Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 3
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