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Surname1Evolutionary EvidencesName:Course:Tutor:Institution:Date:
Surname2Fossil sampleFossil namePeriod ofexistenceSize of thefossilTaylor, 1993. P. 165Cast fossil ofcarnivorousmarine reptile250 millionyears ago2 cmViney and Neff 2017. P. 176Petrified conifercone200 millionyears ago5 cmCast fossil of anextinct sharkJurassic period( 150 millionyears ago)2 cm
Surname3Mold fossil ofLeptosphinctesspeciesJurassic period150 millionyears ago5.0 mmPoinar and Brown 2017. P.102AethiocarenusburmanicusFossilized inamber100 millionyears ago4.5 mmTrue form fossilofextinctscallopshell‘Chesapectenjeffersonius’4 to 5 millionyears ago1.0 cm2. Why is a shell more likely to be fossilized than the soft body of the animal?
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