Excel: Macros, Functions and Pivot Tables

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1.EXCEL: MACROS, FUNCTIONSANDPIVOTTABLESTHEDATATHATYOUWILLBEWORKINGWITHISCALLEDSUBJ1.TXT; SUBJ2.TXT &SUBJ3.TXT. THEDESCRIPTIONOFTHEFILESCONTENTCANBEFOUNDIN‘EXCEL_README.DOCA.Import the data into excel (1 point) B.Using macro, delete the irrelevant columns, see ‘Excel_readme.doc’ for the list of therelevant column (2 points). C.Using Macro create a filter to exclude trials in which: The BackwardMask.OnsetDelaywas shorter than 10msec and The Target.DurationError was smaller than 10msec. (3 points). As this experiment depends on the fact that stimuli are presented for very short time, trials in which the presentation duration was too slow due to computer errors need to be removed. D.Apply the two macros to subj2 and subj3, files. TIP: Make sure the columns areproperly arranged before you apply the macro (2 points).Using pivot tables recorded:I.Compute the averaged + STDEV using a 2 (eye present: yes, no) x 2(face expression: fear, happy) x 2 (canonical face: yes, no) output table (3 points)II.Filter to include only correct trials and compute the averaged RT: using a 2 (eye present: yes, no) x 2(face expression: fear, happy) x 2 (canonical face: yes, no) output table (4 points)Plots for subj 2 only:III.Make a line plot of the averaged accuracy per condition. Plot eye/no-eyes on the x-axis, have separate lines for each of the reminding 4 conditions: fearful-canonical,fearful-non-canonical, happy-canonical, happy non-canonical. (4 points)IV.Add the standard deviation as error bars. (5 points)V.Make two charts one for canonical and one for non-canonical face, plotting theaverage response times per condition add the stdev for each condition as error bars.Group the conditions based on the expression (6 points)VI.Plot the distribution of response times per expression using a histogram (need todownload and maybe install an add-on from the web) (7 points). TIP: Distribution ofresponses (a histogram) presents the bars without spaces.!!! Remember to save the folder while enabling the macro. Check that you can see themacros when you open the file that you plan to submit on a different computer.

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