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Running head: EXECUTIVE AND MOBILE COMPUTINGExecutive and Mobile ComputingName of Student-Student Number-Date-Unit Code-
EXECUTIVE AND MOBILE COMPUTINGIntroductionThe tool that is chosen in this report is My Health Record App that can be used or is usedby many companies in Australia. The application of My Health Record is a mobile applicationthat can be used in any android users and in iPhone users. The initiative of using the applicationof My Health Record had been done by Australian Digital Health Agency (Bush, Stahmer andConnelly 2016). The patients can get multiple services from the app of My Health Records. Theapp stores all the information of the patients who registers in the app and then uploads theirdetails on the network of the app (Yoon et al. 2016). Here are many services that are provided bythe app of My Health record. Many organizations also use the system of My Health Record toregister the names of their patients.This report gives the details of the structure of My Health Record and how they arecarried out in different organizations. There are certain technologies that are followed by the appof My Health Record which are elaborated clearly in this report. The result of the diagnosis canbe achieved properly and the way to cure them is also described in this report. The applicationhas certain success factors that are clearly elaborated in this report.TechnologiesThe application of My Health Record has an effective, efficient, and safe delivery ofhealthcare which is based on the good communication and the application can be run smoothlyon mobile phones (Turvey et al. 2014). The providers of healthcare in Australia can uses thetechnologies that are involved in the app of My Health Record by making a registration with HIservice in the application. There is a particular term known as “Seed Organization” for theparticipant organization. There may be a Seed Organization that is network based in case ofcomplex organizations (Gunter and Terry 2015). The organizations that are based on network areincluded in the part of the participant organization known as Seed Organization. The technologythat is used by My Health Record is a B2E operation of business included in Seed Organizationsso that they can serve the patients.Success FactorsThe application of My Health Record is used by an organization of Australia known asRamsay Health Care. Ramsay helps their clients to serve with the medical treatment in AustraliaStudent Name-Student ID-Page1
EXECUTIVE AND MOBILE COMPUTING(Liu et al. 2017). The Ramsay is not only famous for day surgery in United Kingdom, France,and Australia, but they have 220 hospitals all over the world. Ramsay uploads the personalinformation of its patients in the cloud of My Health Record and stores all the details of theirpatients. The application of My Health Record has a great success rate because not only thehealth care of Ramsay in Australia uses the app, but it is also used by many health care centerslike Sigma Healthcare, Healthscope Hospitals (Duckett 2017). The hospital who uses theservices of My Health Record is a part of the system. The hospitals only have to register theirnames in the account of the app and can avail the advantage of storing all their patient’sinformation in the system. The patients can easily use the mobile app of My Health Record sothat they can store their personal details online. From the information that are stored by thehospitals in My Health Record, doctors from all over the world can get the access of theinformation of patients and proceed for the treatment they can serve to the patients (Kidd et al.2017). The information that is submitted to the cloud of My Health Record is done online and thecontrol of the information can be done who can view the information in the app. The applicationof My Health Care is successful because it allows specialists to read the information of thepatients and specialists get to know about their information from the patients and guide then tohave a better treatment and care. In case of an emergency, the doctors can suggest a treatment foran emergency purpose. My Health Record app can provide the service to their healthcare withoutconcerning the location from where the patient is.Enablers for successful implementationThere are many people are involved in the monitoring and handling the app of My HealthRecord. The people who have responsibilities that are carried out in Ramsay Healthcare inAustralia. The people who are responsible are as follows:RO (Responsible Officer): The Responsible Officer of the Ramsay Healthcare mainlyworks with the System Operator. The Responsible Officer deals with the System Operator. Thereare some rules and regulations that are involved in implementing and registering the app of MyHealth Record (Walsh et al. 2017). The Responsible Officer follows all the rules and regulationsthat are involved in implementing the app of My Health Record. There is only a registrationprocess that the organization has to follow so that they get attached to the database of My HealthRecord.Student Name-Student ID-Page2
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