About Executive branch of the US government

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Surname1Student’s NameProfessor’s NameCourseDateName of the Agency that was assigned to you:The Executive1.What is the purpose of the agency?The Executive branch of the US government is the one that carries out laws. This branchcomprises of the President, the Vice President, and the Cabinet Secretaries (Snead 57). Asstipulated in the constitution, cabinet encompasses the members nominated by the president.Besides, the cabinet members must be approved by the Senate with not less than 51 votes (FisherNP).2.Does the agency have a website? List the websiteYes, the Executive branch of the US government has a website.Link:https://www.whitehouse.gov/1600/executive-branch3.List 3 items available on the website? Explain why you selected each item.Some of the items available on the website include:a. The Administrationb.Issuesc.Participate
Surname2The Administration clearly outline the administration with their names, all the executive offices,and special events. This makes it easier for any visitor to identify any executive officer. Issuescontain strategies by the government handle crisis. Some of the strategies listed on the websiteinclude “America First Energy Plan”, “Making Our Military Strong Again” and also “BringingBack Jobs and Growth”. On the other hand, Participate helps engage the citizens. It providescitizens with access to government forums like “Obamacare: Share your thoughts” ("TheExecutive Branch").4.Is the website accessible via the current social networks? (Facebook, Twitter, etc., (ifso, list the social network(s) that this website is accessible to the general public.)Yes, the Executive branch is accessible via the social networks. Some of the include Twitter,Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Also, one can access the agency via Email ("The ExecutiveBranch").5.Does the website have information that is helpful for emergency situations? If so listthe information. (Example. In the event of an earthquake, flooding, heart attack, etc.)Under the hyperlink named Issues, top matters related to the Executive are apparently laid out.They include:America First Energy Plan, Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community, Trade DealsThat Work for All Americans, America First Foreign Policy, Making Our Military Strong Again,Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure, Repeal and Replace Obamacare, Bringing Back Jobs AndGrowth . The website has also clearly shown how to the above-listed issues can be solved ("TheExecutive Branch").
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