BCO6185 Executive & Mobile Computing Assignment

Added on - May 2020

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1Executive Mobile computingNameCourseProfessorSchoolCityDate
2IntroductionVictoriapool is basically an android application in which it has been developed in order toimprovise on the aspect of the transport system of the individuals who are travelling to theVictoria University as well as the university which are nearby the University of the Sydney CBD(Conti and Giordano, 2014).In regards to this application it has been majorly been designed in order to compile on the detailsof the individuals who have been living in the similar location as well as tracking of theindividuals who may not travel with them to the destination which they may desire (UGIC,2017). The main aspect functionality of this application is mainly to connect individuals who aretravelling to the same destination. The main interface which have been incorporated in thedevelopment of this application is the HTML, as well as the JavaScript (UWA, 2016). Thisapplication uses the element regarded as the carpooling which there is sharing of the expensesbetween the users hence lowering on the cost of travelling expenses.Status of the documentIn this strategy document it is the initial one, the changes will need to be made in the future. Itpurpose is for the consultation purposes.The scope of the strategyThis application intends to improvise on the transport system so that it become cheaper forindividual to travel to the Victoria University as well as the nearby Universities.The overall aim of the strategy
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