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Assignment on Customer Service- Marriott Hotels

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Executive SummaryIntroduction – Company OverviewMarriott Hotels is considered as an international’s flagship brand of full service resorts andhotels. It is a branch of Marriott international Inc. which is an American multinational hospitalityorganization that manages large number of hotels and related lodging facilities. In this paper wewill study about the poor communication problem which has been faced by the organization for along time. Poor communication influences the overall customer service of the organization. So, itis necessary to plan an efficient business structure to solve the problem in an efficient manner.The organization was established by Willard Marriott in 1927 and now it led by his son, BillMarriott and Chief Executive Officer Arne Sorenson. Headquarter of the organization is situatedin Bethesda Maryland in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The organization started its firsthotel, the Twin Bridges Marriott Motor Hotel, in Arlington, Virginia, in 1957. After that theorganization achieved lots of success in its future. Due to the high success it is listed in Forbes.Marriott Hotel is consider the first hotel chain which offer food that is completely free of Transfats. Due to this it become the most famous hotel and able to attract large number of customers.In April 1995, it acquired a 49% interest in Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. This expand theservices and customers of the organization in a significant manner. Marriott believed that it canenhance the profit and sales margins of the Ritz Carlton. It takes various initiatives to improvethe condition of Ritz Carlton and gain high profit by offering latest customer services. Now it isoperating more than 30 brands globally such as classic luxury, Distinctive luxury, Classicpremium, and distinctive premium, classic select and distinctive select. All these brands enablethe organization to operate the business successfully in the global market. High quality ofservices enables the organization to earn high profit and satisfy large number of customers. TillSeptember, the organization operating more than hotels and resorts under the Marriott brand. Italso establish various loyalty programs which are known as Marriott Rewards. The quality ofservices offered by the Marriott Hotel, create its brand image in the mind of customers. Business Case Communication play an important role in the success of the organization. Lack ofcommunication influences the overall work performance of the organization and not able to offergood service to its target customers. Marriott Hotel faces lots of issues related to the poorcommunication. Effective communication between the one department and the other departmentmakes the organization capable of dealing with the existing competition. Poor communication isconsidered a big problem in the organization. Proper communication is required in everyorganization whether it is a small business firm or large. Presence of healthy communicationbetween the departments enable the organization in developing long term relationship with itsclients and target customers. Healthy communication also enhance the motivation level ofdifferent staff members with which they perform their functions in an efficient manner. Onemost important benefit of the healthy communication is improved relationships. All the things gosmoothly when all activities are on track. Communication is a big problem which is faced by theMarriott Hotel. If good communication is presence in the organization, then it will be easy for
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the management to maintain the time horizon at the workplace. Effective communication helpthe organization in maintaining its own time and also enables the staff in managing their workdeadlines. If proper communication system is followed in the organization then staff of theorganization also feel important in the organization. This will enhance the motivation level ofstaff, and their involvement in their respective tasks. This will improve the customer service ofthe organization and also cam attract a large number of customers. It is necessary for theorganization to satisfy its customers because in the absence of customer satisfaction, the growthof the organization is not possible in the future time period. Due to the lack of the customerservice the organization loses its current customers as well as the future customers. This will alsoimpact the reputation of the organization at the marketplace.Internal and External Environment2.1.1 Structural Dimensions2.1.2 Contingency Factors2.1.3 Porter’s 5 ForcesMarriott Hotel is considered as a global market leader that has shown continuing signs ofdominance and prosperity in its industry. Porter five forces model is an efficient tool ofmeasuring the external environment of an organization. It is combination of five forces that shallbe evaluated is comprised of supplier power, threat of substitutes, buyer power, degree of rivalry,and threat of new entrants. Buyer PowerThe buyer power in this industry is considered moderate. It is because the major players of theindustry are continuously offering ways to reduce it. The primary strength for the hotel industryis its brand recognition in the existing marketplace. A strong brand recognition in the market notonly aids in attracting large number of customers, but it also entails repeat business activitiessince switching costs can be trifling in the industry. Price competition alone is not considered agood stimulator of this force but innovation also play an important role. Different organizationsare always trying innovative ideas to capture large number of customers, ranging from themiddle class to the premium segment. For existing organizations in the industry the influence oflosing a customer is not such a considerable threat. They can retain their customers throughdeveloping innovative strategies.Supplier PowerSupplier power in the hospitality industry is considered moderate. It is because of thecircumstances that build and create different benefits to suppliers. Suppliers in this sector arecomprised of a wide range of positions such as developers, architects, property owners, and realestate companies. The degree of quality and accessibility is considered the important part ofsupplier’s services and equipment.Threat of New Entrants
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