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Executive SummaryPlagiarism has significant importance in the world of academic writings and the others. In thispaper, three different plagiarism cases of UK discussed to develop significant understandingabout the plagiarism. It is considered as an unethical act which deserves strict punishment andheavy penalty. The plagiarism cases in this paper collected by using different news channel suchas BBC. After collecting the deserving cases, they are analyzed in the lights of current scenarios.On the basis of such analysis, various personal views are provided to resolve such kind ofproblem for forever. On the other hand, the importance of Turnitin in avoiding plagiarismproblem is also discussed.IntroductionPlagiarism is considered as the wrongful appropriation. In it, one author stole ideas, expressions,thoughts and languages of other and represented them as own original work. In this paper, wewill discuss three plagiarism cases of UK and critically analyze them. This will be helpful inmeasuring the unethical behavior of students or universities, on the basis of which penalties andpunishments can impose them (Sheppard, 2015). This helps the government and institutions inpreventing plagiarism in universities as well as real life also. It is considered academicdishonesty and a breach of predetermined journalistic rules and regulations. It is subject tosanctions such as suspension, expulsion, and penalties. Recently, in UK lots of plagiarism casescomes in front of public. This shows the dishonesty and working with students as well asuniversities (Riehmann, 2015). Recently, different plagiarism cases have been identified in theUK which significantly reduces its image in the eyes of students as well as parents.1
Case 1 The first plagiarism case is a case of German minister who has resigned after copying big part ofhis doctoral thesis. It is a case of UK. In this, a German defense minister copied huge part of hisdoctoral thesis 2006 (http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-12613617). After found that situation,the University of Bayreuth decided Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg had lifted whole sectionswithout any attribution. It is not sufficient; the university should come up with a strictpunishment and penalty which teach a lesson to every student. The case of plagiarism isconsidered high profile cases, but in the world of publishing and academia, the plagiarismproblem has been a big issue for many years. All these happen due to large popularity of internetwhich offers unparalleled and duplicate opportunities to students as well as scholars. To preventsuch type of unethical acts UK institutions takes various steps such as Turnitin. More than 98%educational institutions use this software to check the plagiarism content of the students andscholars (Ramírez-de-la-Cruz, 2014). This is necessary to prevent for the educational institutionbecause of overall future and reputation of institutions linked to it. Most plagiarism cases risedue to the popularity of internet because Google provides students large access to a greaterlibrary of texts. This ultimately brings in front such type of situations.Case 2 The second plagiarism case is a famous person Enrique Pena Nieto who plagiarized his thesis forlaw degree during August 2016. Academics group conclude that 29 % material of his paper wasplagiarized and 20 paragraphs copied word to word from a particular book(https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/aug/22/mexico-president-enrique-pena-nieto-plagiarized-thesis-law-degree). This case brings in front of public by the investigation report of a2
local new outlet. He used a book written by former president Miguel de la Madrid without anybibliography and citation in his report. On the other hand, one spokesman of the president saidthat the president had completed all requirements for his law degree and downplayed therelevance of "style errors" in his work. He wrote the thesis with the title name of MexicanPresidential which submitted in Panamerican University (Yahaghi, 2016). He should receive astrict punishment for his unethical work. This will destroy the overall education system of thecountry. The government should do justice with the other students who work hard in performingtheir thesis. It can be said that if celebrities of the country do such type of acts than one theytaught to citizens of the country (McMillan, 2013). Punishment and the high penalty shouldimpose by the government to such person who is doing such an unethical act. After doing this,plagiarism cases can minimize in the UK.Case 3 The other plagiarism case is about prolific romantic fiction who is a fiction writer. The novelwrote by Laura Harner withdrew from the sale. It is because the novel written by the writer iscopied completely. He copied every single word of his novel(https://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/oct/28/prolific-romantic-fiction-writer-exposed-as-a-plagiarist). Due to it, the best novel seller of UK out it from the sale. Laura is known as a famousself-published romantic fiction novelist who currently proved a plagiarist. The case comes infront of public when a reader explains on the spot that she had switched the gender in a tale ofromantic suspense to turn it into a love story of gay. The best-selling firm was alerted by thereader about the similarities between her own novel known as the My Kind of Trouble and thenovel written by the Laura (Murray, 2015). After happen such incident, the editor of the bookimmediately reviewed both books and identified the similarities between them. The editor found3

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