Executive Summary on Starbucks

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Executive SummaryIn any organization, there are many different departments and one of them is marketing. Marketingplays an important role in the success of the company. Marketing through promotional strategiesintroduces the products and services of the company to the customer. The sales and profitability ofthe company mainly relies on the activities performed by the marketing team. Company cangenerate higher profits with the help of dynamic marketing team. In this assignment, various aspectsof marketing of Starbucks have been discussed. The assignment also focuses on the concept ofinternational marketing. Many large organizations including Starbuck are adopting internationalmarketing as increased globalization has increased the level of competition making it difficult forthe organization to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
Task 11.1Explanation why international marketing is being developed by firms and thepresentation of the PESTEL analysis for the selected market in case of identifiedservices and the products.When the services and products of the business are being directed towards the consumers incountries other than those countries in which they are operating is known as international marketing.It could be said that concept of the international marketing is same all over the world. However, theenvironment in which the marketing plan is implemented could be different dramatically from onecountry to another country. Some of the reasons are given below for which the companies opt forinternational marketing.Free market: it is that economy where less or even no legal restrictions are being imposed on doingthe international trade. It is determined by the participants in the free market that what type ofproducts are being made and how those products are made and then to whom those products wouldbe offered. Moreover, it will also be determined that what would be the price of the products.Competition: there is more competition due to globalization. This competition could be related tocost and price, the products and services, the company’s quick production and the fats response ofthe customers. In a case of international marketing firms are more encouraged.In the market, there is the large multitude of choices and due to which the behaviors are affected:then want to get the services and goods in the more efficient way. So, the company must pay thehuge attention towards the preferences of the customers(Baines, Fill and Page, 2013)The situation of world trade:Over the past several decades the tremendous growth of international trade has been both the effectof the international trade and the primary cause. In 2005 the volume of international trade increasedto $8 trillion, and it was $296 billion in 1950. A decline has been noticed in the recent year’s worldtrade.
PESTLE Analysis of Foreign MarketPolitical factorsIt was 1907 when New Zealand won the freedom from England, and it is the independent country.It is knowns the independent state, and still, Queen of Great Britain is the chief of state, and theleader of the government is one of one which has been selected by votes (CIA, 2014).There is lesschance of any risk if the government is stable because in short time legal rules and regulationswould not be changed.Economic factorDuring the last decade, the remarkable growth has been registered by New Zealand. This is knownas the high-income company. There is lower spending of the country in R&D activities which isresulting in the external dependency in case of new technologies. There is a lower rate of inflation inthe economy which contributes to lower rates of interest and the purchasing parity would beincreased.Social factorIt is the trade with in other countries on which the New Zealand’s economy is reliable extremely.The economic condition of the country is effected by the change in lower demand.In R&Dactivities there is lower spending of the country that results as in the external dependency in case ofnew technologies. As being theChristian dominated religion, there are different cultures of NewZealand. So, New Zealand is completely different in Christmas and other festivals.Technological EnvironmentThe education system of New Zealand is ranked by OECD's Programme for International StudentAssessment (PISA) at the 7th best in the world as the students of this country are performingextraordinary well in this country. There are almost thirteen school’s years, and those are the publicschools and those are free for the students of New Zealand. From the age of 5th birthday, there ispermanent residence to the age of the end of calendar following 19th birthday. There is an adultliteracy rate of 99% and more than the half of the population is of the age between 15 to 29 hold atertiary qualification.Environmental Factors900 kilometers away from the Australia the country is located, and there is a unique ecologicalsystem. All the educational population has the knowledge about the change in the weather, and theyare more ready for getting rid of such pollution. Latest techniques have been adopted so that theycould deal with garbage and do not allow it make the pollution in the atmosphere.Legal Factors
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