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Strategy Formulated by West Lancashire Borough Council

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Executive SummaryThis strategy has been formulated by West Lancashire Borough Council. The main motivebehind the creation of this strategy is to make improvement in wellbeing or health of adults andchildren in its borough. Vision behind creation of StrategyMake reduction in health disparities and improve the welfare and health of our residents andlocal communities. For attaining this vision, we have discovered three priority areas which helpus in fulfilling the motive behind the creation of vision. These are following:Attain wellbeing and health consistency and deliberate focus. Incorporate wellbeing and health within all plans, policy documents, and projects. Place community value at the heart of our procurement and commissioning cycles. All these priorities are selected due to our strategic ability to link social gradients in health. TheCouncil strongly believes that it can tackle with the health inequalities by strategic alignment ofexisting services. This allows realignment of existing services with more person-centered andintegrated approach.It is necessary for us to steers the strategy towards creating a framework. With the help of thisstrategic framework, we can successfully achieve our vision statement. It is because of strategicframework permit over time for the realignment of existing services. This realignment facilitatesus in utilizing more person-centered and integrated approach.With the help of such integrated approach, we can build the brighter future, as we want to ourfuture generation, community members, and people. Lancashire Borough Council wishes that the
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building strategy is in the form of "living document." It is because, with the help of livingdocument, it can ensure effective planning as per change in needs and wants of people.Lancashire Borough Council considers that every person has a legal or lawful right to enjoy goodhealth. In addition, it is the vision of council to support the health of a person by offeringeffective and efficient services. Apart of this, we progress in our vision through collaboration andpartnership with community and general people. IntroductionOur Motive: Our main motive is to be a council which is aspiring for West Lancashire.Behind the creation of strategy, there is a clear wish to promote wellness through WestLancashire. This not only improves health but also improve the wellbeing of people. In ourstrategy, we also highlighted our principles, strategic approach, duties and responsibilities toattain this by promoting efficient life quality and avoiding health inequalities for everyone whoworks and lives in the borough. On the other hand, priorities are developed in such manner sothat it can guide us specifically without any confusion. In addition, we have developed our policyframework for improving health outcomes. These policy frameworks are a combination ofshared vision, better working, and effective collaboration between different council serviceswhich improved health outcomes by identifying the different factors that influence the quality oflife. Thus, by the policy framework we able to maintain health quality and can attain our visionsignificantly. Apart of this, it is also decided that whenever a strategy is implemented, we willestablish an efficient and supportive environment. Such environment helps us in tackle the healthchallenge and determines the scene for the future development of health.
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While making or enforcing the strategy, we faced a high-level argument in the NHS "Five YearForward View." This argument is regarding the future health of a large number of citizens,children, and community members. Apart of this, it is also for the economic prosperity ofBritain, and sustainability of NHS. The strategy concludes that wellbeing and good health isdemanded by every individual, so it is their responsibility to play their role effectively, and wewill play ours. Context and ScopeIt is a strategic document which highlights different possible actions and high-level objectivesregarding the priority areas. Furthermore, this document does not give in-depth informationabout the delivery of priorities and details contained in the policy document. All work containedin the document will follow and led by the Council’s wellbeing and health strategy manager.Governance & RegulationGenerally, it can be said that the overall delivery of three important areas cannot be delivered insilos. We have discovered that the document of policy will in living form. Apart from if this, itwill evolve and change dependent on the wellbeing and health requirements of our community,especially in relation to providing effective health outcomes in the improved, equitable, andeffective ways by which we can utilize our services in a significant manner.Moreover, every predetermined priority will need a joined up and cohesive approach. Theseapproaches ensure us regarding the achievement of the milestones. Generally, Council Wellbeingand health manager are responsible for introducing supporting policy with which predeterminedstrategy can change in action plan. This ensures us effectively delivery of council milestone.Such type of actions mainly required support from officers and internal services or buy-in.
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Apart of this, core functions of the council can only complete by high accountability, and thiscan achieve by formulating a team for every priority. All necessary freedom and autonomyshould provide to those team members for ensuring efficiency in produced outcomes. Duringtheir task performance, implementation plan and progress should discuss to measure efficiencyand outcomes. Furthermore, Strategy manager will be responsible for managing the group andholding a quarterly meeting. This meeting schedule will discuss and informed to all in advanceon an annual basis. Apart from holding a meeting, regular updates on the success of thepredetermined priorities should report to the Leisure director and wellbeing services. With thesuccess information, the manager also needs to represent performance metrics and action planson a quarterly basis.Furthermore, the manager should take initiatives to measure the requirements of WestLancashire people regarding the strategy. This helps us in maintaining the quality of study withthe changing needs of the people. Apart of this, the developed strategy should in the form of"living document" so that evolvement can perform as per requirement of people and formalgovernance.Reason behind development of this StrategyWe can say that everyone is influenced by health and wellbeing levels experiencing by us. Alarge number of West Lancashire residents celebrate wellbeing and good health. On the otherhand, it can be said that West Lancashire performs effectively in comparison to its competitors.In doing so, West Lancashire residents face a lot of problems like the low level of physicalactivity in adults and children. The fact behind this problem is that if someone lives in the mostdeprived ward of West Lancashire, then he or she will leave 8.8 years less than other least
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