Exercise #1. Start two separate instances of the notepa

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Exercise #11.Start two separate instances of the notepad application using the Run utility.Confirm that the Task Manager Window shows both applications running.2.Select one of the notepad applications and then click the ‘Switch to’ button.Describe what happens.3.Then click the ‘End Task’ button and describe what happens.4.Finally start an instance of WordPad using the ‘New Task’ button.Exercise #21.Select the processes tab.2.Identify the process that is using most of the CPU time.3.Comment on what this may be the case.Exercise #31.Write, compile and run a simple c program with an infinite loop while itperforms some simple math calculation (a runaway process).2.While it is running, check the Processes tab of the Task Manager and identifyyour runaway process and write down the percentage of CPU time it’s using.Discuss the result.3.Finally select the runaway process and right click and navigate to the SetPriority menu option and set the priority to ‘low’. Discuss the result.Exercise #4:
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