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EXERCISE DURING PREGNANCY ACKNOWLEDGMENT ANDBELIEFS OF MEDICAL PRACTITIONERSA Research Report submitted in partial fullfillment of the requirement for theDoctor of Physical Therapy Deficiency Course ByDarshan KumarResearch SupervisorDr. Muhammad Saad KhanCollege of Physiotherapy 2017
Exercise iAcknowledgementsI hereby acknowledge that this work has been merely completed with the dueand constant assistance of Prof. Dr. -----------. I really thank for his kind and cooperativeattitude in the course of my research work. Apart from my academic, I am also thankfulto my family, who supported me both financially, emotionally and most important i.e.timely.
Exercise iiDedicationsI feel of great gratitude, and proudness to dedicate my all research work to--------, whose encouragement and appreciation led to the completion of my work.
Exercise iiiAbstractThe objective of the study was to find out the views of medical professionals about theexercise during different phases and stages of pregnancy. In this regard, 120 medicalpractitioners across Karachi were surveyed. The exercise is an incredible advantage tocontrol the increase in the unjustified mass of pregnancy and its misunderstanding. Thisis an opinion that is closely related to current research. Similarly, our research hasshown that a significant proportion of the respondents are well combined with thestrengthening of cardiovascular diseases, quality, examples of rest, and the reduction ofthe risk of gestational diabetes. The discoveries that most professionals did notunderstand were useful to work in the waiting and treatment of incontinence. Womenare encouraged to begin pelvic floor practice during pregnancy and during the period ofthe infant blues, which should be strengthened with the basic services of the level.Likewise, ongoing continuous auditing involves a reduction in risk. This study hadreliable information about most of the benefits of this activity. There was evidence thatthey were typical for research and clinical studies of exercises in the context ofpregnancy. Several tests showed a lack of information about the rules of the socialservice provider.

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