Exercise and the male reproductive system

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REFERENCESHackney, A. C., 2016. The male reproductive system andendurance exercise.Medicine and Science inSports and Exercise.28(2). pp.180-189.Hess, R. A. And et.al., 2017. A role for oestrogens in themale reproductive system.Nature.390(6659).p.509.Hoffmann, K. H., 2018. Oogenesis and the femalereproductive system. InInsect reproduction(pp. 1-32). CRC Press.Narang, K., Cope, Z. S. and Teixeira, J. M., 2019.Developmental Genetics of the FemaleReproductive Tract. InHuman Reproductive andPrenatal Genetics(pp. 129-153). Academic Press.Reynolds, L. P., Killilea, S. D. and Redmer, D. A., 2015.Angiogenesis in the female reproductivesystem.The FASEB journal.6(3). pp.886-892.OestrogenTestosteroneProgesteroneIt is the group of sexhormones that maintainthefemalecharacteristics.This also helps in growthand development offemale secondary sexualtraits such as breast,menstrual cycle etc.the imbalance of thesehormones will lead tocause health problems.With the presencetestosterone, it helps tokeep the malereproductive systemnormal.Low level of testosterone,will also leads toinfertility.In female, ovaries secretesmall amount oftestosterone and secreteadrenal glands in bothsystem as well.It helps for the release ofan egg at the time ofovulation in femalereproductive system.It plays another role inbrain function as aneurosteriod.It also stops the muscularcontraction when the eggis transported.2 Evaluate the effects of Estrogen, testosterone and progesteroneUrinary bladder:it stores the urine and by propersignal it releases it into tube that helps to carry urineoutside a body.Uterus:it accepts the fertilized ovum and then helps tobecome it an embryo develops into fetus until the birthof a child.Cervix:It mainly allow the flow of menstrual bloodfrom a uterus into a vagina and at the time ofintercourse it directs the sperms into uterus.Perineum:helps in childbirth, micturition, defecationand intercourse as well.Anus:It basically fills with faces and push it againstthe wall of anal canal.Female reproductive systemFallopian tube:It helps egg to travel from ovaries touterus and fertilization also occur in this.Ovaries:It produces eggs and hormones.Vagina:It is the birth canal that helps to enters the sperm.Labia Majora:it protects other reproductive organs andare large as compared to scrotum in males.Labia Minora:It is found inside labia majora andsurrounded the opening to the urethra.Clitoris:It is sensitive to stimulation and can be erect aswell.Fimbriae:it activated by hormones in order to catch areleased egg and then move it into Fallopian tube.1.1 Presenting how the organ's structure relate to itsfunctionMale reproductive systemScrotum:It act as a climate control system for testes andhelps for sperm development. It allows to contract and relax,move the testes as well.Penis:this helps to eject the sperm during sexual intercourseand it has tissue that contain thousands of spaces which fillwith blood when a man is sexually aroused.Testes:This are responsible for making testosterone thatfurther helps to generate sperms.Epididymis:The main function is to store sperms cells andbring the sperm to maturity as well.Vas deference:it transfers the mature sperms to urethra orto outside of the body as well.Ejaculatory ducts:it basically empty into a urethra.Urethra:it basically carries urine but when the men reachesorgasm it ejects semen only and blocked the flow of urine.Seminal Vesicles:it produces fructose which providessperms a source of energy.Prostate gland:It nourishes the sperms.Anus:It basically fills with faces and push it against thewall of anal canal.Rectum:it is the temporary storage tool in which wastematerial are stored for sometimes.Task 1- Poster and Construction of a table
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