Exhibition Paper on Art and Love

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Exhibition Paper: Art and Love2IntroductionThe world of art has always provided an awesome opportunity for people from all walksof life to depict their feelings. Through drawings, paintings, sculptures and other forms of art, itis possible to express a feeling or desire which runs along a particular thematic line(Antony andGrisselda, 7). For instance, psychologists can extract the innate desires of a child by giving thema piece of paper and pencil and asking them to draw the very first thing in their minds. Ittherefore implies that artistic expression can be used as the best alternative in cases where wordsmay not be enough to express a feeling. Artistic forms of expression are an activity whose origincould be traced back to 1000s of years ago(Artthur, 9). Historians have since discoveredpaintings on cave walls in addition to other artifacts which were supposedly done by the cavemen and the ancient people. The field of art has since grown in leaps and bounds with the rise ofmodernization have giving way for contemporary art. With the availability of the right resourcesand ideas, it has been possible to discover, reproduce and preserve various forms of art in a bid tocapture and maintain the important aspect of cultural variations in a society. In order to increasethe people’s accessibility to the artistic forms, various exhibitions, galleries and museums havebeen erected. In this paper, we highlight a plan for an exhibition which will involve four piecesof art relating to a chosen theme(Augros and George, 17)Theme: Art and LoveIt would be a fact worth emphasizing that the field of art provides the best platform forindividuals to express their feelings. In line with this argument, the theme of this exhibition seeksto create a distinct link between art and love(Carl, 45). By delving into the historical artisticcontents and linking the findings to modern art, it can be noted that the theme of love has been
Exhibition Paper: Art and Love3one of the most common topics of discussion. As such, the exhibition shall be based on fourpieces of art picked on the basis of the relevance and depiction of the theme of love. The artisticpieces include;The Honeysuckle Bowerby Rubens,The Surpriseby Watteau,The KissbyGustav Klimt andDanse la Campagne (Country Dance),by Pierre Auguste Renoir.Historical ContextThe theme of love has been one of the most common points of reference in the history ofart. There are various artistic forms which have been used to depict happenings especially in theRoman Empire where the act of love and romance is believed to have originated from. Love is atheme which could be traced back to the beginning of time since the unique attraction andrelationship between a man and woman remain evident in many forms of depiction (Carol, 30).For instance, there are various paintings of the historical Adam and Eve in the Garden of Edenwhose analysis gives a clear description of the level of intimacy which existed between the two.Additionally, there are various sculptures like Auguste Rodin’sThe Kisswhich reveal the factthat intimacy between individuals in the society is a phenomenon which could be traced back tothe beginning of time. Despite the fact that some of these forms, likeThe Kiss,have sparkedcontroversies due to their erotic depictions, the piece remain a rich description of the theme oflove showing how its depiction has evolved over a period of time. In addition to paintings anddrawings, the modern generation has since resorted into depicting the theme of love throughother media like television and screenplays. However, this exhibition shall provide an idealenvironment for people from different parts of the world to interact with the most original artisticdepictions of love(Catherine, 25). Love has been a crucial element in our society since timeimmemorial. The relationship between people based on genuine expressions of love plays acrucial role in shaping a community. It would only be fair to carry on a true demonstration of
Exhibition Paper: Art and Love4these expressions through art in exhibitions. Perhaps by interacting with artistic forms on love,the modern generation can have a better dimension of what it is all about.Political ContextRelationships between people and their leaders equally go a long way in influencing theshape of a society. While leaders may be driven by love for power and wealth, their followersoffer their massive support behind them because they love them. There is therefore an interestingconnection between the theme of love and politics(Dana, 12). The individuals who end up at thehelm of the hierarchy are those who have most likely won the hearts of masses. At the sametime, a society comprising a people who live peacefully with one another is a society that ispolitically stable. An existence of true relationships based on love, between people in a givensociety, enhanced a stable government. Since love has such special link with the politicalenvironment, it would be important to continue exposing the society to the right depiction oflove. Through artistic forms on love, the audience are likely to gain exposure and probably ableto love better (Evelyn, 40).Socio-economic contextThe aspect of interactions between individuals leads to the development of social bonds.For instance, love leads to marriages. A family whose foundation is based on true love andunderstanding is likely to stay knit together and prosperous. Since the family forms a basic unitwithin a society, a nation thrives both socially and economically when the core values areadequately addressed at the family level. Apart from the modern approaches used by individualsin a bid to instill values, the use of art offers an equally interesting avenue. By interacting withthe artistic forms depicting love, an individual is able to deduce a number of values and attributes
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