Existing or Emerging Technology

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Running head- Existing or Emerging Technology and its related Ethical IssuesExisting or Emerging Technology andits related Ethical Issues
1Existing or Emerging Technology and its related Ethical IssuesExisting or Emerging Technology and its related Ethical IssuesTechnology is one of the fastest growing elements that have become the necessity of life. Technology is growing and becoming advance day by day. Technology is playing a major role inour day to day life. But it has become an essential element of the business. The businesses need to adopt the latest technology to compete in this competitive world where there is cut-throat competition in every field and for every player irrespective of the size. Whether the organization is big or small in this borderless world, the organization must cope with the technological advancement to compete with its competitors. The term technology is a very vast term, and it includes email, texting, social networking, and video conferencing, and so on. It is very difficult to mention existing or emerging technology related to these. Therefore, in this study only existing or emerging internet technology is being covered.Existing Technology of InternetViruses: it is a malicious software program that replicates itself when executed by modifying the program of other computers and insert its code. Email Address Mass Marketing: it is a technique of sending a commercial message to a group of people via email.Hackers: hackers are those who hack the computers of other by using hacking techniques. They alter, damage, or steal the information of others.Internet Churches: it is a technique of gathering scholars of different religion on a platform using the internet and allows them to keep their views either through video conferencing or audio conferencing. Scanner Monitoring: it is a technology to monitor the activities of any premises.

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