Technology and Related Ethical Issues

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Running head- Existing/Emerging Technology and related Ethical issuesExisting/Emerging Technology and relatedEthical issues
1Existing/Emerging Technology and related Ethical issuesIntroductionTechnology is one of the fastest growing elements and is achieving new height every day. Everyday innovation and invention in the field of technology are taking place. Emerging technology has made our life easy and fast. But the matter is whether technology is only beneficial for mankind or it has some ethical issues also. Yes, technology is beneficial for mankind but it is not wrong to say that it has various ethical issues. Technology affects personal life of the individual in many ways and the problem of identity theft is one of them. Emerging TechnologyCyber Terrorism: it is one of the negative sides of the technology which is used for the mass disruption and creates fear among the people.Cyber Spying: cyber spying is used to obtain the secret information of the enemies, competitors, individuals, government, and group for personal, political or economic use by the use of the internet.Internet Assisted Medical Procedures: technology has become advanced and not technology is assisting a human being in almost every field. In medical and medical science technology is guiding doctors and expert to have an error-free operation.Robotics: robotics is a branch of engineering and science that helps in designing, constructing, and developing robots. Robots a unique development of technology that help human as human.Internet Assisted Transportation: now technology is also assisting in transportation. Now driverless cars are being developed that are as safer as the cars with drivers.

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