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Expected Improvements Case Study - Trusty Carpets Store

Added on - 23 Sep 2019

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Expected ImprovementsThe purpose of this section is to explain why the project is needed.It should address thefollowing:How will the proposed solution address the stated problem or take advantage of thebusiness opportunity identified in Section II? ( In this case, we have a businessopportunity)How does the proposed solution align with the business strategy and/or objectives?What benefits can the organization achieve from this solution?Use the followingcategorizations and identify some benefits in each area:oTangible benefits/Intangible benefitsoFinancial/Non-financial benefitsWhat other value might the organization gain from this solution?Approach to Developing this SectionDevelop a clear and concise explanation of how the proposed solution directly addresses theproblem or opportunity identified.Then, review the case study to explain how the proposedsolution aligns with the business strategy and/or objectives. There are several ways tocategorize benefits (as shown in the three sub-bullets above).Read an explanation of thecategories of benefits at: a list of benefits that the business can expect to achieve from implementing theproposed solution.Determine which categorization is most appropriate to the benefitslisted.Then, categorize and explain in a sentence or two each of the benefits that havebeen identified.If there are other ways that the organization would obtain value fromimplementing the system, those should also be discussed.Case study:
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