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Expected ImprovementsThe purpose of this section is to explain why the project is needed. It should address the following:How will the proposed solution address the stated problem or take advantage of thebusiness opportunity identified in Section II? ( In this case, we have a business opportunity)How does the proposed solution align with the business strategy and/or objectives?What benefits can the organization achieve from this solution? Use the following categorizations and identify some benefits in each area:oTangible benefits/Intangible benefitsoFinancial/Non-financial benefitsWhat other value might the organization gain from this solution?Approach to Developing this SectionDevelop a clear and concise explanation of how the proposed solution directly addresses theproblem or opportunity identified.Then, review the case study to explain how the proposed solution aligns with the business strategy and/or objectives. There are several ways to categorize benefits (as shown in the three sub-bullets above). Read an explanation of the categories of benefits at:https://www.business-case-analysis.com/business-benefit.htmlCreate a list of benefits that the business can expect to achieve from implementing the proposed solution. Determine which categorization is most appropriate to the benefits listed. Then, categorize and explain in a sentence or two each of the benefits that have been identified. If there are other ways that the organization would obtain value from implementing the system, those should also be discussed.Case study:

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