Diverse Experience from Five Different Countries

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Running head: DIVERSE EXPERIENCEDiverse experienceName of the student:Name of the university:Author note
1DIVERSE EXPERIENCEI had worked in the IT department of General Syndicate of cars for three years. While working inthat company I had the experience of working in a team of eleven members who were from fivedifferent countries- Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Yemen and Uzbekistan. This diverse experience of working with people from different culture and backgroundadded value to the organization. It created an environment of inclusive and positive relationshipwith the local people of Saudi Arabia and brought new perspectives. It also encouraged peoplefrom different ethnicity and background to use the services of the organization (Barak, 2016).For instance, in the tenure of my working with the company the festival of Eid Mubarak washosted with pomp and pleasure. The organization had a very positive outlook about thecelebration of the main festivals of different nations. The employees got a leave on that particularday to celebrate the rituals. This was a great idea as getting festive leaves was something newand acted as the motivational factors for the employees. This enabled them to give better servicefor the organization. I have great appreciation for this idea as it is essential for working in adiverse environment. If I get to be in the leadership position someday, I would definitely use thisapproach in my organization with some inclusion. Along with giving the employees leave on theparticular day, I will also send them greetings for the family through text messages or mail. Before I started working in this company I did not have a very positive idea aboutworking in a diverse environment. I was always in a dilemma whether I will be able to adjust tothe change in environment. But my 3- years experience has changed my notion about workingwith people with different nationalities. All my other team members had valued the diversity andmanaged to work in the situation. All of us, the eleven members of my team have considered thedifferences as our assets and did not let them have a negative impact. All the members of ourteam had valued diversity and team work and thus we were able to provide the best outcome for

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