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Practitioner Interview on Criminal Justice System

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Added on  2019-09-23

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Read this practitioner interview on criminal justice system to know the views of a former correctional officer. Learn about the flaws and effectiveness of the system. The officer talks about the present condition of the criminal justice system, the satisfaction level of correctional officers, the effectiveness of the system, and the future of criminal justice. The officer also suggests expanding the experiential learning of the course with dummy plays or case studies.
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Experiential Project 1Practitioner InterviewThe presence of criminal justice system exists for many years. There are major institutions that are associated with the system of criminal justice and they are involved in the processes by which the cases happen here from the point of inception, through trial and till punishment. Any case under the criminal justice system starts with the investigation of a law enforcement official who gathers the evidence against the suspected people so that it can be used in the court and it can help in carrying the proceedings of the case (Surette, 2014). The evidence helps in determining that whether the defendant is innocent or he is guilty of the crime. If the guilt of the person gets proved in the court, then the punishment is given to him as per the scope of controls of the criminal justice system and as per the specifications of the system. The criminal justice system provides justice to many and it may also fail to do so many times. This makes the people like or dislikes this system. The criminal justice or the law enforcement system is established to protect the people of the country. The people who are convicted for the criminal offences are prosecuted, defended, sentenced and punished under this system. As per the justice and punishments given to the people, the view differs in regard to this system. My views have also changed since I interviewed a former correctional officer. Correctional officers are those people who enforce the rules and they are responsible for keeping the orders within the jail. They also have to supervise the activities of the inmates, provides an aid in rehabilitation and they counsel the offenders. The officers inspect the facilities and then they ensure that all the standards are met. The purpose of interviewing him was to record his views on the system of criminal justice in the country. This will help in comparing the actual practices and experiences with the things that are there on paper.
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Experiential Project 2At the beginning of the interview, I asked the practitioner about the present condition of the criminal justice system. As per the response of the officer, the system is flawed. The reason that he gave for this was that he feels that the system is very slow with regard to resolving the cases. Many cases remain unsolved in the courts for years and the criminals get dragged without punishment for a very long time. The officer says that there are cases that are required to be solved on priority basis but they take a lot of time to get concluded which lead to injustice in a way to the victims. The flaw is also due to the fact the prisons of US provide many rights to the prisoners when they are inside the prison. According to the officer, when the prisoners have committed a crime, they should be given limited rights and freedom because they no longer remain a normal citizen of a country after committing a crime. Then, I asked the correctional officer that how satisfied he was from his job and how did people of the country perceive the correctional officers. He was quite upset on this question and he answered it by relating the present condition with the past scenario. He says that in the past, people perceived him and the other correctional officers as somebody who will help them in solving their issues and making the people feel safe. But today, the scenario has changed and the people of the country have lost trust in the correctional officers. The citizens feel that the officersshoot the innocent people of the country and they exercise unnecessary and unjustified power on them. This has happened because there are few officers who do this and they harm the people of their own country for the sake of money and for the sake of obtaining more power, but due to these people, the entire section of the correctional officers suffers. The third this that I inquired from the officer was that how effective is the criminal justice system today? To this question, the officer said that it works to some extent but the flaws that arepresent in this system makes its working ineffective many times. This system was created so that
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