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Developments, Trends and Factors on The Travel and Tourism Sector PDF

Added on - 19 Nov 2021

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Explain How Developments, Trends and Factors are
currently having a Significant Effect on The Travel and
Tourism Sector
Increase Frequency of Holidays
Over the passage of time it has been seen that there has been an increase in the frequency of
holidays that has helped the travel and tourism sector to flourish at a greater rate. In the current
scenario, it has been found that the travel and tourism sector has helped in bringing economic
stability in different countries along with several other developments such as extended railway
lines, cruise, affordable flight fares, etc. which attracts more tourist to visit different places of
attraction across the globe1. Due to the rise in the frequency of holidays, the number of tour
operators in both national and international scale has raised and the government of different
countries also supports those companies as they are bringing foreign currency, as a result they
can raise the value of their local currency in the international market.
1Mason, Peter.Tourism impacts, planning and management. Routledge, 2015.
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According to statistical data, it has been recognized that the both inbound and outbound visits are
increasing science 1980. Different factors such as increase the frequency of holydays, reduction
of travel cost etc. In financial year 2015, more than 36 million people visited United Kingdom
from abroad2. Apart from that, it has been identified that 38% of total mainly visited UK for the
frequency of holyday. That means holiday factor also influenced the tourism industry effectively.
Travel is a major concern of the travelers, as they prefer to travel in comfort along with cheap
bookings. In this era of digital communication, it has been found useful for the travelers to pre-
book their seats as per their mode of transport along with other amenities. A large number of
travel companies has also been established in these many years, which has helped the tourist to
travel across different place and reach their destination across the globe3. On the other hand, it
has been found that the growth in the travel and tourism industry has also raised the competition
among different companies and as a result unplanned approach were taken by different
companies to meet their customer need but it has reduced the number of visitors.
2Rhodes Chris, “Tourism: statistics and policy”. House of commons-library (2016):06022
3Wei, Xiang, Songshan Huang, Ghialy Yap, Xinfang Wu, and Ariuna Taivan. "The influence of national holiday structure on domestic tourism
expenditure: Evidence from China."Tourism Economics(2018): 1354816618778644
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