Business Research Design: Exploratory

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Exploratory Research Design:Secondary Data
Chapter Outline1) Overview2) Primary versus Secondary Data3) Advantages & Uses of Secondary Data4) Disadvantages of Secondary Data
5) Criteria for Evaluating Secondary Datai. Specifications: Methodology Used to Collectthe Dataii. Error: Accuracy of the Dataiii. Currency: When the Data were collectediv. Objective(s): The Purpose for Which theData were Collectedv. Nature: The Content of the Datavi. Dependability: Overall, How Dependableare the Data
6) Classification of Secondary Data7) Internal Secondary Data8) Published External Secondary Sourcesi. General Business Sourcesa. Guidesb. Directoriesc. Indexesd. Non-governmental Statistical Dataii. Government Sourcesa. Census Datab. Other Government PublicationsCensusData
9) Computerized Databasesi. Classification of ComputerizedDatabasesii. Directories of Databases10) Syndicate Sources of Secondary Data
11) Syndicated Data from Householdsi. Surveysa. Psychographics & Lifestylesb. Advertising Evaluationc. General Surveysd. Uses of Surveyse. Advantages & Disadvantages of Surveysii. Diary Panelsa. Diary Purchase Panelsb. Diary Media Panelsc. Uses of Dairy Panelsd. Advantages & Disadvantages of Dairy Panelsiii. Electronic Scanner Servicesa. Volume Tracking Datab. Scanner Diary Panelsc. Scanner Diary Panels with Cable TVd. Uses of Scanner Servicese. Advantages & Disadvantages
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