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Expository Essay
The genre of essay which defines about the investigation of an idea, evaluation of
evidence; it helps to conclude a result on the topic for readers. These essays can be completed by
comparison and contrast, definition or the analysis. These essays are basically divided into five
major parts which are defined below:
Descriptive Essay: The essay which explains about any place, experience or about any
Process essay: The essay which is used to define any process of producing or acting something
Comparison Essay: The essay which is used to compare the characteristics of two different
Cause Essay: The type of essay which is used to identify the reason behind any activity or any
Problem/Solution essay: When an essay is explaining about any problem or solution about any
concern (Morin, 2019).
Contrast of Two Vampires
Vampire are the creatures with fangs, consume the blood of humans, these are the
folklore or mythical creatures dominantly in distinct cultures of Europe from years ago, most of
the people still believe in them. These are the best known monsters who always shown as
classical in their living. Generally vampire hunts at night because according to folk tales sunlight
weakens their power, in some tales the belief was that they might transform into bat or wolf,
their image cannot be seen in the mirror (Aparici, García-Marín, & Díaz-Delgado, 2019). It is
defined that they have many super power like hypnotic, sensual effect on their prey. In history
one of the most known vampire name after Dracula he was known as Vlad the Impaler he ruled
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