External Factors Stakeholders and Customer

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External FactorsStakeholders and Customer:Under this, they are regarded as key divingfactors which invest their share on business operation and function and provide theirbest effort for an acquirement of profit maximization. AS the market trends changes,stakeholders and customers need or demand varies which impact directly over Wa-Pila business decision making process. Therefore, manager or leader must be verykeen to understand or evaluate the requirements of stakeholders, so that firm caneasily fulfil the name and also cope up all emerging challenges which arises withinbusiness environment of company. Moreover, they can bring positive relationshipbetween superior and subordinate that lead them to attain high proficiency andproductivity.Managing diversity culture:In context to Wa -Pila, they have diverseculture of manpower who are different from each other in terms of language,thoughts, beliefs, views and many more which influence company's managementstyle in an effective manner. Therefore, WA-Pila leader should be able to manage orhandle its diverse culture of workforce with an aim to generate positive workingenvironment within business premises. Along with this, it influences them todetermine manpower potentiality and enable them to provide proper training anddevelopment program in order to enrich firm profit margin.P4 Internal and External factor influencing management style and structureIn an organization, there are various types of factors which directly impact overfirm decision making capability as well as on firm proficiency ratio. Some of theinternal and external style which impact Wa-Pila management style and itsstructure are explained below:Internal FactorsEmployee participation:It is one of the best approach which makescompany to become more bright and successful in the near future. However,providing the facility of sharing feedbacks and reviews are essential aspects ofmaking useful changes that benefit all participants. Hence, some of the benefitwhich Wa-Pila acquire with this procedure that building community, less stress,greater productivity and higher product quality. Moreover, this approach enablemanager to invite their manpower to take participate in business decision makingprocess and also in resolving conflict procedure which develops high level ofmotivation and encouragement among personnel and they put their best effort foran accomplishment of organizational goal in an effective manner. However, thisrespective service industry implies Maslow Hierarchy model which helps them toanalyses the need or wants of customers as well as employees in order to bringthem high level of satisfaction and motivation. With the application of this theory,Wa-Pila manpower feel very valued for they give their best participation for anachievement of long term goals and at the same time it reflects them in enhancingtheir market share.Internal Relationship:This factor is considered as one of the most crucialpart within service industry as it mainly focusses over providing best service tocustomer for acquiring increased level of satisfaction them that add value tocompany in an impressive manner. However, this element impact Wa -Pilamanagement style and inspire them to examine employee’s capability or needsand based on that manager makes a corrective course of action that helps them tobuild a healthy relationship as well as improve the overall performance of anorganization in an innovative and creative manner.Leadership and Management for Service industry
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