Celebrity Endorsement in Advertising


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Extract 2: InvictusIn this extract, see how observations of colour are supported by a reference and how theory of celebrity endorsement is used in commenting on the choice of Youngquest. Later, in a section on music, note the use of relevant terminology and how an observation on the potential effect of the music (which may or may not be correct-we don’t know without conducting research with listeners) is given credibility because it is supported with an academic source. Note that the writing style is suitably academic yet engaging.2.1.1. Background and coloursThe initial panoramic view of the stadium shows a rugby stadium at night. By using low-key lighting, the view shows only the flashes from the audience in the bleachers. Low-key lighting is mostly used in upscale commercials (Brown, 2007), like Invictus, wherein the director wants to prevent the audience from seeing the surroundings clearly so that they focus only on the actor/product (Millerson, 2013). In the foreground, the lights from the photographers’ cameras flash across the actor; this highlights his features and makes him stand out against the background. The product’s name is shown twice in silver letters: once during this introduction and again at the end. According to Rossiter (1982) and Yasuda et al. (2007), silver is perceived as a glamorous and sophisticated colour associated with prestige and wealth.2.1.2. Actors and movementsMain characterThe main character in the advert is played by the famous and successful rugby player Nick Youngquest. Although he is not a typical celebrity for endorsement (the average viewer is unlikely to recognize him), his characteristics "match up with", or are relevant to, Invictus (Lee and Thorso, 2008). Agrawal and Kamakura (1995) stated that if the celebrity fits the brand image and is acceptable to the audience, he can not only help consumers to remember the message of the advertisement and the brand name but also enhance the brand's personality. Youngquest can achieve both goals since he is physically fit and appealing to both men and women.xxxxxxxxxxx2.2.1. Music and soundThe choice of sound and music is fitting. At the beginning, when the audience is cheering, the diegetic (natural) sound illustrates the events that are occurring on the screen (Dykhoff, 2012). The song that follows, which is a non-diegetic source (Dykhoff, 2012), is ‘Power’ by Kanye West. The songis in part effective because of its lyrics. Additionally, because the song and its singer are well known, it gives charm and additional character to the product (Hecher, 1984). The song also has a fast and intense rhythm, which fades as the voice-over is heard. Studies have shown that men respond positively to such fast and high sounds (Kellaris and Rice, 1993). At the end, the voice-over narration mentions the product's and company's name. The tone of voice is calm and confident in identifying
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