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F28WP Coursework I - Edinburgh CampusA product ordering web service should be developed that lets users browse through product information and decide which and how many of these products they wish to order. It should support the recording of their order in a web form along with user and delivery details. On submission order information should be delivered to a web server and recorded in a file and the order displayed back to users in a confirmation web page. The assignment should be done jointly in pairs.Students on the Edinburgh campus who are unable to find a partner may contact Hamish Taylor by e-mail (H.Taylor@hw.ac.uk) for assistance in finding a partner.The following Web technologies should be used:HTML 5 (XHTML syntax), CSS 3, DOM 1+ and JavaScriptweb server programs in JavaScript or JavaAll client side programs must be written in JavaScript and server side programs written in Java, JavaScript or JSP. The use of JavaScript libraries like JScript and web frameworks/templates like AngularJS, Bootstrap, React.js, Sails.js etc. is not permitted. However, JSP, Servlets and utility modules for Node.js like Express.js are permitted. HTML must be written in the XHTML serialisation ofHTML 5 and include some elements specific to HTML 5. CSS must be supplied in a stylesheet file linked into each web page and include some features specific to CSS 3. The final report must contain a URL of working web pages for the product ordering system and be accessible within Heriot-Watt University. The web pages must continue to be available at that URL for 3 weeks after the final submission date.The product ordering service may be hosted on departmental web servers like the Apache and Tomcat servers on ports 80 and 8080 ofanubis.macs.hw.ac.ukthat are guaranteed to be running 24/7. Or it may be hosted on web servers like Node.js or Jetty that are set up ad hoc to run i.e. aren't guaranteed to continue running all the time. However, in the latter case it must be feasible for the coursework assessor to restart the web server component in order to test the product ordering service if it has ceased to run. Clear instructions must be given with the submitted coursework on how to run such a web server component and suitable access permissions must be set so that the assessor can do so.The listing of the sources for the system should be accompanied by a 5 page joint report that includes:♦A statement of how the task was divided between the pair.♦A description of the application, the reasons for any design decisions, and the public http URL where the system is deployed (including server start up details where needed).♦A brief statement of what specifically HTML 5 and CSS 3 elements are included.♦A brief discussion of the strengths and weaknesses/deficiencies of the system, and what could be done to improve it given more time.♦A brief discussion of the testing of the system, stating what was done to provide assurance that the various parts of the system worked correctly.Listings of the JavaScript, web server programs, XHTML 5 and CSS 3 should include authors' names.

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