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Facilitating Change in Health and Social Care - Report

Added on - 07 Jan 2020

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Facilitating Change in Health and Social CareINTRODUCTIONFacilitating change in any organization is a dynamic process that brings about a potential impacton its service users as well as its service providers. For any organization such as the health andsocial care corporations, change is inevitable as it marks the success of the corporation. LocalAction for the Disabled (LAD) is one such organization that runs residential homes and otherservices for people with learning disabilities. The purpose of this report is to highlight the keyfeatures responsible for bringing about change in the organization, the strategies adopted toimplement such changes and its consequent impact.TASK 1ID.NR:12262 Page1of15
1.1 KEY FACTORS THAT DRIVE CHANGE IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARESERVICESSince LAD is shifting its services from residential care to supported living, it is cruciallyimportant to consider the key factors that drive change in such services to see whether they canbe accommodated or not. These key factors are as follows:Political: It has a great influence on change in health and social care organization as itconcerns about policies and guidelines of the government, economic stability in the country,norms and regulations, economic policies, government's residential land criteria, funding issues,etc. The change of government can also lead to a major setback in the progress of the project.Legal: A broad range of legislative acts can affect the changes getting introduced in LAD whichincludes Health Act 2006, NHS and Community Care Act 1990, Health and Social Care Act2012, Care Act 2014, etc. In any case, none of the guidelines set by these constitutional actsshall be offended to get appropriate results in the favour of the change.Demographic and cultural: Some factors such as age of the users, community needs, lifestylefactors, etc can also affect LAD in shifting its services from residential care to supported living.For ex- users of higher age might not be comfortable with the new concept or others might beapprehensive about the fulfilment of their basic needs in supported living.Technological: Introducing new techniques such as maintaining records through electronicrecord keeping, electronic communication, etc. will require making the workers learn the newmethodologies. Hence, resulting in incorporating and driving changes in health and social careservices.Thus, the health and social care organizations are affected largely through the above mentionedfactors in various aspects. It must be ensured that the change must be incorporated smoothlyID.NR:12262 Page2of15
and effect of the change must prove advantageous for the community and its people. (Rutter,2014)1.2 CHALLENGES THAT KEY FACTORS BRING TO HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARESERVICESThe key factors mentioned above will bring plenty of challenges not only for the staff,workers and other members of LAD but also for the service users. These challenges need to bemitigated rapidly specially in case of health and social care services in order to bring aboutsmooth and positive changes within the organization. Some of these challenges are listedbelow:This new initiative of LAD will result into incorporating changes into existing services which canresult into chaos within the organization. This is because it will take a great deal of resourcesand labour to make the members of the organization comfortable with the newly adoptedchanges.Maintaining the quality care is yet another challenging task keeping in mind that thesuperlative care provided initially does not get compromised at all. Constant quality careprovision keeps the service users in confidence and gains their support that may also help inmoving to supported living. (Berwick, 2016)In addition to this, it can be stated that changes in demographic aspects alsoimpacts the development of health care sector. If lifestyle of individual has changed thenit might be possible that risk of health issue will also be impacted in diverse manner.Another key issue that can affect the working of LAD and may lead to several changesin working conditions is improper management of human and financial resources. Alongwith this, technology changes also influences the development of health care sector. Forexample, health care firm has installed new tools for blood test but the new technologyID.NR:12262 Page3of15
has been introduced in the market. It will influence the overall outcome in negativemanner which might enhance the overall cost of organisation. In order to meet the workstandards and provide convenient test process the changes in technology is significantfor LAD. Moreover, cultural values changes also impact development of health caresector in diverse manner. If citizens are more focused towards low cost health treatmentthen it will influence the working of organisation. According to need of citizens thebusiness firm need to have changes in policies and pricing so that satisfaction level canbe advanced effectively.Any kind of resistance or lack of interest and concern in the workers or service users for thenew changes in LAD can be a bit challenging because this results in resentfulness among themthat causes lack of efficiency in their work which is not acceptable at all in the beginning of anew project.Availability of resources is another challenge as they are needed in every field whether it behuman resources or financial resources. To achieve the desired resources at desired time isquite difficult during establishment of new projects.Matching efficiency and economy is one of the most challenging of all as we cannotcompromise with it in any case. Efficient working gains the trust of the users but to maintain thisefficiency, a lot of efforts need to be put in.Beginning of new kinds of services and changes might lead to undermining of existing serviceswhich is another major challenge for LAD. The foundation of the existing services is the strengthof the organization. Hence, this shall not be compromised in any case. (Plesk, 2001)These challenges should not be overlooked at all because they can create great difficultieswithin the organization if not handled properly.ID.NR:12262 Page4of15
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