Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality Management

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Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality Management1FACILITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT FOR HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENTClassInstructorInstitutionDate
Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality Management2Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality ManagementAccording to Penner et al, the hotel industry has been following new trends in terms of design,planning, and development around the globe. Investors ought to consider their target clients sothat they can develop within a location with business viability in the industry. Design decision isbased on the fact that most visitors are attracted to the venues that are pleasing to the eye interms of materials used and their display. The hospitality industry is known to put up pictorialads on their advert pages which means the particular unique features are the selling point toclients who mainly check out these destinations up on the internet. Restaurants praised forcaptivating architectural design in some instances have become part of attraction other than justserving the hospitality purpose.Specific design used by the investor should be guided by the clientele intended to be targeted. Incases where they intend to attract the tourists, the venue should have a strategic location in closeproximity to the main attraction. In countries popular for wildlife, Game drives should be withina short distance from the restaurant as well as those that target the beach visitors be located alongthe coast. Countryman and Jang, 2006 credit the physical environment to the satisfaction or lackthereof with the entire accommodation. Consequently, they argue that simple aspects such asincreased window sizes and the lighting within the facility would improve the illusion of bettervenue in comparison to other that do not emphasize on the same.My study venue was Hilton Hotel, Sidney which has been in this city for decades. Regardless ofhaving been there for such a long time, renovations have been done over time to catch up withthe new trends in the industry designs. Apparently, this hotel brand has been in operations incities around the globe and still manages to be a competitive player which means they keep up to
Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality Management3date. Interior design is done such that the customers get spacious rooms and properly decoratedpublic areas such as elevators, lobby area, state of the art entertainment facilities and otheramenities. Location of the hotel within the central business district is an attractive factor inensuring they do not lack clients. Huge space owned by the hotel ensure there are diverseaccommodation rooms to cater customer demands.Given the prestige carried by the brand world over, they have been able to maintain theirpresence in the location over the many decades since establishment in the 1970’s. The originalbuilding was a five-floor building which in those days was a landmark in the city. With thecompletion of other architectural projects, it was important to improve it to the twenty-meterspace with aluminum decorations to give it a unique look. Following the increase in space, theyhave been able to maintain the customers whose royalty was driven by their prestigious taste.Security features such as cameras have been installed in the building to increase the confidenceof the consumers. Wi-Fi in the entire building is a part of the innovations that have taken place inpast few years since a few decades ago was not a necessity. Conference halls have audio-visualfacilities to ensure clients requirements are met. Consequently, if the meeting participants needto carry out presentations they definitely opt for this venue in favor of others without similarservices.Hilton Sydney accommodation rooms are divided into categories such that the client’s needs aremet despite what they are. As such, customers who are staying in the city for work purposes canaccess rooms that are work friendly with an area set aside for that goal. In instances where acustomer’s stay aims at relaxation, clients are given comfortable rooms where they can accessservices such as spa and the room settings are different with lighting that accompanies calmfeeling. Corporate events are important for any restaurant whose aim is to make profits. As such,
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