Factors Affecting Productive Performance

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Running head: FACTORS INFLUENCING PRODCUTIVE PERFORMANCEFactors influencing productive performanceName of the UniversityName of the StudentAuthor note
1FACTORS AFFECTING PRODUCTIVE PERFORMANCEIntroductionThe efficient working of an organization hugely depends on the way its employeesperform. Employees however need to be encouraged in order to get the best out of them. Theimpetus thus, is on the organization to induce a working environment that motivates theemployees to work harder and with total dedication(Abbah 2014). Many ways are there bywhich managers can motivate employees to perform well.Theories of organizational management and organizational behavior are in abundancethat allows managers to utilize these in the workplace. Starting from Taylor, several theoristsincluding Weber, Hawthorne and Fayol have proposed different organizational behavior theoriesthat have an influence on the way organizations implement rules at the workplace. Systemstheory, contingency theory and the socio-technical approaches are some theories that definedorganizational behavior in the modern era (Őnday 2016).The essay discusses factors that influence organizational behavior and motivatesemployees to perform better. In addition, the essay sheds light on the role of managers inextracting the best performance from the employees by implementing strategies that adhere tothe organizational setting.Organizational management and behaviorEvery organization looks to achieve positive results of its operations but it does not getthe desired result always. Managing an organization effectively helps organizations largely toachieve the desired outcome. Organizational management thus refers to the style or method ofmanagement that enables managers to divide the whole operation into several stages. By doingthis, the managers are able to paint a clear picture of the targets of each department.
2FACTORS AFFECTING PRODUCTIVE PERFORMANCEFerdous (2016) asserts that every organization depends on the numerous theories oforganizational management to carry out its day-to-day function. Organizational theories, hefurther states, have been occupied with the creation of general ideas and advances that aresuitable to any organization. Every organization has its own objectives, strategies, hierarchy, anddynamic ideas that work in tandem to produce the best results. Employee motivation is one ofthe foremost aspects that organizations look to achieve. Yang, Liu and Wang (2013), elaborateorganization theories as knowledge systems that study and elucidate organizational structure, itsutility, process and its group and individual behavior.Organizational management thus refers to the process of accomplishing goals andobjectives through the utilization and maintenance of resources that include employees as well.Factors influencing productive performanceSeveral factors work together in an organization that culminates in the success of anorganization. However, it is imperative to state that extracting productive performance from theemployees must be the top priority. In order to do so, a manager has to think out of the box andcome out with unique strategies to yield good results. In the views of Kamau (2015),organizations in the modern competitive world have to consider employee motivation as apowerful tool to encourage productive performance. The author believes that this would enablethe company to achieve long-term success. Some factors that affect productive performanceinclude designing of jobs, the working conditions, motivation and rewards and goal setting.Job design is the process of allocating specific tasks to groups or individuals. Assigningtasks to specific groups or individuals ensures meeting the organizational requirements inaddition with the needs of the employees. Frederick Taylor was probably amongst the first
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