Report on Factory Maintenance Problem

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Running Head: FACTORY MAINTENANCE PROBLEM 1Factory Maintenance ProblemNameInstitutional affiliation
FACTORY MAINTENANCE PROBLEM2Factory Maintenance ProblemThis report paper is about the maintenance strategy of an equipment is a factory thatmanufactures building products. The dust processed by another factory is loaded by the useof shovel that is wheeled into a hopper and is raised through a bucket elevator and inclinedconveyor to the system’s top. From this point, the dust is dispersed to the hoppers for storageby a huge conveyor of scraper chain. Water is then mixed with dust in the single shaft mixerand fed via chamber for de-airing into the machine of the extruder. The resultant productfrom the machine for extrusion is loaded onto bogies and processed through kiln and dryer.This report paper requires an evaluation of the maintenance strategy for thisequipment which will contribute to a factory wide reliability centred maintenance strategy.The reliability centred maintenance is a method meant to develop preventive maintenancesince it depends on the prevention of potential failure which may pose negative results on theperformance of the equipment such as an increase in the cost of maintenance[ CITATION Pet151\l 2057 ].The reliability centred maintenance that can be implemented in this dust equipmentis as shown in the figure below:Reliability centred maintenance strategy[ CITATION Wal13 \l 2057 ]
FACTORY MAINTENANCE PROBLEM3Reactive MaintenanceThis strategy of maintenance involves automatically replacement of the sections ofthe machine which are known to be experiencing degradation as a result of continuous usageor age. The replacement of these parts will ensure that the unexpected failures are preventedand maximum duration of production realised. This technique is normally performed as anoverhaul where the entire equipment is eliminated from functioning during the shutdown andtaken to the workshop for disengagement of its components and then constructed afresh. Theuse of the strategy of reactive maintenance is aimed at making sure that the productionprocess of the equipment is not interrupted for a given duration[ CITATION Ant12 \l 2057 ].Some of the sections of the equipment that can be overhauled include the makingmachine extruder, making machine mixer, extract conveyor, scraper chain conveyor, bucketelevator, and large wheeled loading shovel. Through the process of renewal of the equipmenton a regular basis, the stoppages as a result of wear-out are greatly eliminated. After theequipment have been overhauled to the standards of the manufacturer, a new performance isexpected by the factory. Nevertheless, there is expected exposure to infant mortality dangersbecause of improper control of the quality, introduced damage, selection of the materialincorrectly selecting a material, and mistakes during assembly. The reactive maintenance weused as a robust and sound quality control and assurance strategy with a perfect checking andrebuild procedures[ CITATION Kla10 \l 2057 ].Preventive MaintenanceThe strategy of preventive maintenance is one of the very first and efficient technique.This method can be done by the use of two ways; namely intervention and replacement andobservation and inspection. The initial form of preventive maintenance is normally theresponse used for parts of the equipment which portrays signs of wear-out and age. This
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