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SBFS1103 Thinking Skills and Problem Solving

Added on - 30 Nov 2020

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Faculty of Business and ManagementMay 2020 SemesterSBFS1103THINKING SKILLS AND PROBLEM SOLVINGTABLE OF CONTENTSpagesMind map31.0 INTRODUCTION4
2.0 DEFINITION42.1 troubleshooting42.2 decision43.0 STRATEGIES IN DECISION MAKING53.1 identification of environment problem53.2 data analysis63.3 formation of alternative63.4 selection of alternative63.5 implementation of alternative63.6 evaluation & feedback74.0 DESCRIPTION AND POBLEM SOLVING74.1 statistical approach74.2 collection of information based choice answer84.3 chart average selection problem solving and description options95.0 JUSTIFY MAKING DECISION BASE SOLUTION116.0 CONCLUTION127.0 REFERENCES13
PART 11.0 IntroductionMyfather-in-law has just passed away and my spouse wants her mother to move in with ourfamily. I know that my mother-in-law does not like me at all; she always finds my faults andblames me for everything, even when my children fell down while playing. Not only that, she
always takes side of her daughter although it was obvious her fault, i will often quarrel withmy spouse, which may eventually lead to divorce.Sometimes, I felt that being married tosomeone also means you're marrying each other's family. So, not only that you would have toadjust yourself with your spouse, but you should also try to build a good relationship with hisparents at least. But what if you find yourself clashed with your in-laws. Hopefully, by drawingthe mind map and identify all the relevant problem, I'll find the solution to these domesticproblems and able to make peace with her.2.0 Mind Map3.0 Identification & Analysis of Problem(Mind map explanation)In the mind map, I have highlighted these 9 main problems I found in my mother in law,which are as follow:-Problem #1: My in-law is too controlling
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