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Environmental Perspectives and Policy Development: Assignment

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ENVIRONMENTAL PERSPECTIVES AND POLICY DEVELOPMENTMAIN ASSIGNMENTDescription of AssignmentThe assessment for this module comprises a single piece of coursework. You are required to submitan individual report of 3000 words which covers the following areas:A. Critically appraise the development of a specific piece of legislation or publicpolicy instrument within the environmental management sector in the UK orelsewhere. (70% of final mark)B. Evaluate the effectiveness of your selected instrument in contributing to widersustainable development goals. (30% of the final mark) In order to prepare for this submission, you will be working in small groups of two of three people toprepare a 15 minute presentation on the first part of the above question. This presentation will begiven to the whole class (dates to be confirmed). Questions and discussion following yourpresentation will provide feedback to assist in the development of your final individual submission(however the presentation itself will not be formally assessed). The presentation should include:The historical background and development of your selected legislation or public policyinstrument;An evaluation of the factors which have influenced the development of the legislation or policy(for example: lobbying groups or campaigns; environmental crises, perceived problems ormanagement conflicts; developing government or political agendas);An assessment of the effectiveness of the legislation or policy instrument andrecommendations for improvements in achieving its specific aims.The final individual report should cover all of the above, plus the second question focusing on theeffectiveness of your chosen law or policy instrument in contributing to wider sustainable developmentgoals (such as broader environmental, social and economic goals within the theoretical context ofsustainable development). This evaluation should be underpinned by an exploration of the variousdefinitions of sustainable development; any inherent conflicts within the definition; and whether yourspecific policy instrument helps to achieve sustainable development or not.Your report should draw on academic research and extensive use should be made of references toexisting literature and policy statements. You should also use examples of good professional practicein the UK and/or overseas (through evaluation of selected case studies or contact with practitioners).All sources should be properly referenced using the Harvard conventions.It is anticipated you will wish to make a full contribution to the presentation element of thisassignment, in order to benefit from the formative feedback from tutors and your colleagues.However, anyone who does not make such a contribution will automatically lose 10% from their finalindividual mark. We will also discuss with group members the particular circumstances of anyone whomakes a reasonable contribution to the group effort, but then cannot attend the presentation for goodreasons, or anyone who does not engage effectively with their group. We shall then share a decisionon the deduction of marks up this maximum of 10%. To assist in this process, it would be helpful ifgroup members keep a record of agreed meetings to discuss and prepare the presentation element ofthe assessment.Clearly, as you will have been working as a group in preparing this report, there will be somesimilarities in terms of your research, your evidence base and final analysis, between group members.However, it is essential that the final submission is your own individual work, and you must not copyPage 1 of 3
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