Failure Analysis of Automation Engineering Report

Added on - May 2020

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Failure Analysis1Report paper on the Failure Analysis of TyresA Report Paper on Failure Analysis ByStudent’s NameName of the ProfessorInstitutional AffiliationCity/StateYear/Month/Day
Failure Analysis2IntroductionThis report paper is about the failure analysis in automation engineering with a majorfocus being directed car tyre failures. Some of the subtopics discussed in this report paperwhile discussing the failure analysis include the modes of failure, the cause of failure, andimplication of the failure. Failure analysis of the car tyres can be described as the process ofanalysing and collecting data to determine the cause of tyre failure with an aim of finding outthe correction actions and liability. It is important to analyse the failure mode of the car tyresince the information acquired from the analysis of the tyres can be used by the tyremanufacturing industry in developing new products as well as improving the existingproduct.The reasons why failure analysis is performed on a particular failure mode includeprevention of environmental hazards and customer dissatisfaction, achieving processreliability, ensuring product safety, and prevention of product malfunction. The process offailure analysis of the car tyres depends on the collection of the tyre components that havejust failed through puncturing and then followed by an inspection of the causes of the failureby the use of numerous failure analysis methods[ CITATION Mar131 \l 2057 ].Background InformationThe failure mode and effects analysis procedures were described in 1949 in theprocedure document of US Armed Forces Military MIL-P-1629 and were later revised asMIL-STD-1629A in 1980. In the year 1970, the use of failure mode and effect analysis aswell as other techniques spread to numerous industries. The industry of automation firstbegan the use of failure mode and effect analysis 1970s as a consideration of regulatory andsafety after the affair of Pinto. The Ford Company applied the similar approach to processes
Failure Analysis3of failure mode and effect analysis when considering the potential method induced failurebefore production is launched[ CITATION Wil14 \l 2057 ].After 1993, the failure analysis methodology started being used extensively innumerous industries such as healthcare, software, plastics, food service, and semiconductorprocessing. The procedures of effects and criticality and failure mode and effect analysisidentify the mechanism of the product failure, however, these procedures may not model theproduct in question without software that is specific. This limitation can be minimized to givemeaningful input to procedures that are critical like accelerated test programs, root causeanalysis, and virtual qualification[ CITATION Jos142 \l 2057 ].FailureFailure is a term that can be defined as the loss of a function under conditions that arestated. The failure under consideration in this analysis is the tyre failure. A tyre of a vehicleor any moving locomotive can fail under its stated conditions through busting or flat tyre as aresult of overloading. A failure is a term used to refer to a specific manner through whichcollapsing of the tyre occurs in a part of the tyre or the whole tyre being investigated. Thefailure mode also describes the process through which the tyre failure occurs[ CITATION Ele12 \l 2057 ].The failure mode of the tyre begins with the formation of lines of weaknesses at aparticular spot of the tyre or through a sharp object causing a hole in the tyre. This will leadto the air inside the tyre to start coming out slowly until the tyre becomes completely flatmaking the locomotive to be impossible to drive. Some of the causes of flat tyre includepotholes on roads, alloy wheel leaks, over-pumped tyres, vandalism, tyre beat leaks, rippedtyre, damage of valve stem, and punctured by a sharp object[ CITATION Dav152 \l 2057 ]. The
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