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MISY 2313 Intermediate Programming for Information Systems

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Intermediate Programming for Information Systems (MISY 2313)


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Fall semester (2016-2017)MISY 2313:Intermediate Programming for Information SystemsDr. Samer Al-ImamyProject#1Development Windows C# Application (Practice the use of visual controls, methods, Internet andFiles)Learning outcome:This assignment meets the following course learning outcomes: 2.Design and write small programs in Microsoft Visual C# .Net.3.Illustrate the techniques of defining program requirements.4.Develop and program a graphic user interface (GUI).5.Write programs that interface with the Internet and Internet programming languages.6.Deploy the principles of basic file types.Available: 4 December 2016Students’ upload to blackboard by: 25 December 2016Put the project in a zip file named and upload by one member of thegroup. Other members should upload the cover page only.Marked out of 60 points (contribute 10% to the total mark)Delay 1 day (-1% of the total mark)Delay 2 days (-3% of the total mark)1
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Delay 3 days or more (zero mark)Description and RequirementsDevelop windows application that uses combo box to display the names of several Saudi cities. Set thenames of the cities in a combobox (to be loaded from a text file) and distance from Al Khubar to each ofthe above mentioned cities (to be loaded from a text file to an array). When the user selects a city fromthe combox, its distance from Al Khobar is displayed as well as the map of that city. To give you astartup, I will guide you through the important steps of development.Create and name the controls as shown in the figure above.Use: 4 labels, 1 comboBox, 1 pictureBox and 1 webBrowserWhere:cboCities is the name of the a Combo Box controllblDistance is a label control with font set bigger and bold used for output.webBrowser1 is a webBrowser control. Make it invisible by setting the visible property to false.picMap is a pictureBox control. Keep it visible by leaving the visible property at true and load it with appropriate picture on the design mode.2
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