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Farlandia has been accused of keeping WMDs (Weapons of Mass

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Farlandia has been accused of keeping WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction). The USSecretary of State has given statements that call for action against the Farlandia if it does notagree to disclose all the information related to the WMDs it has at present. As per theSecretary, the goal is to ensure that the peace prevail for the people of Farlandia and theworld.The statement of US Secretary has attracted mixed views from various newspapers from thethree regions of Farlandia, namely, Westland, Northland, and Middleland. The press in theMiddleland has urged for settlement through talks. The stressing of the ‘newspaper from thisregion’ on talks reflects the orientation of the Farlandia government as that newspaper is thecountry’s official press agency and strongly controlled by the government.The newspapers in the Westland have mixed view. The Westland Daily Journal, whose leadcommentator is President’s brother-in-law, asserts that the US and its allies are imposingunnecessary power to seek minerals of the country. Therefore, US should engage in talksinstead of provoking others. On the other hand, the privately owned Westland Daily News ispro-US statements. Moreover, the Northland media is also pro-US statements and calls forFarlandia to disclose WMD secrecies and agree to disarm.Consideration of these mixed views, suggests that the independent media agree to what USSecretary of States says and believes, however, the media controlled by Farlandiagovernment is denying the charges and expecting peaceful talks. Ethically, governmentshould go for peaceful talks as reactions from Farlandia might bring destruction and willserve no purpose.
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