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FASHION DESIGN WITH MARKETING AND PRODUCTION2SummaryThe Saks fifth avenueThis an online retail as well as a department store company located in New York City inthe United States of America. The Saks fifth avenue is a luxury retail department store that isowned by one of the oldest commercial corporation in North America which is Hudson’s BayCompany. Its headquarters and its main flagship store are based on fifth avenues in midtownManhattan. This online retail is majorly involved in the sell of luxurious commodities such asjewelry. It’s also known for selling clothing.NordstromThis is another American chain of stores that has its headquarters in Washington DC.Initially, the company was considered as a shoe retailer but later expanded and included the saleof clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and accessories. Nordstrom operates both as an online retailbusiness and also has over 349 stores. However, it serves most of its customers through theirwebsite Nordstrom.comI opted to choose the two retailers, the Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom since both areamongst the largest online retailers, offering the similar commodities and are easily accessiblesince they are online platform and their stores are easily available. Moreover, all luxurious goodscan easily be found within these two companies.ComparisonThere have been distinct differences and similarities experienced while shopping thiskind of dress from the two sources, online platform, and local store.
FASHION DESIGN WITH MARKETING AND PRODUCTION3Differences1.When shopping the commodity on a local store, there was a face to face interactionbetween me and the seller unlike when I was shopping in the retailer's websites wherebythe interaction was just between me and the description of the commodity.2.There was a room for trying before buying a cloth in local store shopping, unlike internetshopping.Similarities1.Description for the commodity was the same2.In both situations, I could make choices depending on my fit size. On the online shoppingsite, there was the provision of the fit predictor while the local store I could manuallycheck for my perfect fit.Advantages of internet shopping1.Internet shopping allows room for price comparison. Online platform offers a chance fortheir customers to compare and research different products at different prices.2.Time-saving since there is no crowding of buyers i.e. especially during festivals andholidays where everyone is shopping3.It’s the best way to have discreet purchases. Some people prefer buying somecommodities in the privacy than buying in public and thus online platform provide roomfor this.4.Internet shopping offers several brands from different sellers and one can get evenInternational trends.
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