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FDN012 Projects Portfolio

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Added on  2023-01-10

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This report discusses personal development activities, university experience, and an action plan for improvement. It covers the Plymouth model, reflection on university experience, and the use of the Gibbs model. Find study material and solved assignments for FDN012 Projects Portfolio at Desklib.

FDN012 Projects Portfolio

   Added on 2023-01-10

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FDN012 projects PORTFOLIO
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Personal development covers the activities which make improvement in the awareness
and determine the talents, facilitate the employability, contribute to realization of aspirations and
increase quality of the life. This is regarded as key to be success for student as this supports a
person to explore the awareness and determine the improvement area for future. Present report is
mainly divided in three different tasks. The first task discuss regarding Plymouth model that
assist in forming up better decision through evaluating situations. Second task is related to
reflection of student in context of stated about the experience in university. The last part is
related to the action plan related to improvement area.
My university experience until now was excellent as I learned so much here and could
improve my skills and knowledge with the aid of all the instructors and the teachers. When I was
at this university to study, I was nervous and did not know much about how things are going,
how I'll manage, however as the time goes by, I got adjusted to the this atmosphere and started to
grow myself which helps to prepare me for future career. In the university, my teacher and
colleagues was very supportive. If I faced any kind of issue, I consulted with my teacher and
they give the proper solutions. In order to portray my entire experience, I use the Gibbs model
developed by Graham Gibbs and learn through reflection on observations to make productive
work and issues which are not yet achieved can be changed by corrective steps. This offers a
structure to examine experiences and despite its cyclical nature, offers especially good
opportunities to learn from repetitive interactions, allowing thinking about it and preparing stuff
that went too well and did not go very well. This also allows people to focus more closely on
interactions, behaviors or events. This includes a description, feeling, evaluation, analysis and
conclusion in five phases.
Description- When I entered in the university, I feel different and I was in hesitated to
talk with the teachers and the other students. At beginning of my studies while I was speaking in
this university, I was not familiar about the course actually entails, a range of activity events.
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