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1FILM STUDIESThe Japanese film industry is considered to be the fourth largest market in the world afterUSA, Canada and China. Even though the American films are popular among the audience, but ithas been a long time that the Hollywood industry can not dominate the Japanese market. Since adecade, the Japanese films have started earning more box office revenue than the Hollywoodfilms (, 2017). The current super hit movie ‘Frozen’ which was known as‘Anna and the Snow Queen’ in Japan bears the evidence of the size and appeal of the Japanesefilm market. This particular film was so popular unexpected that it was considered to be a socialphenomenon in the year 2014. This particular essay will center on the emergence of Japanesecinema from the comparative ambiguity to global prominence in the 1950s. The work of masterfilmmakers such as Akira Kurosawa and Yasujiro Ozu will be taken into account in the course ofthis essay.In the book ‘the Oxford history of world cinema’ Nowell-Smith (1997) has talked aboutcinema as ‘the great unresolved equation between art and industry’. It can be considered as theprimary as well as the greatest among all the industrialized art forms which have an impact onthe cultural life of all the centuries since the beginning of cinema. In the form of art andtechnology the cinema has existed for hundred years and within twenty years from 1890s it hadspread all over the globe. To begin with the emergence and the journey of cinema, thedominance of Hollywood cannot be overlooked. The dominance of Hollywood on the movieindustry has been the subject of various studies as stated by Silver (2007). It is debated that theproper marketing orientation along with the management of effective strategies is the basis forHollywood’s constant dominance. This paper has identified that the development of strategicmarketing management shows the guiding questions required for the analysis of the marketingdominance in the film industry.
2FILM STUDIESAnderson and Richie (1982) have used the monologue of the eminent Japanesefilmmaker Akira Kurosawa in the foreword of their book. “It is not too much to say, I think, thatthe Japanese cinema has now come to world- wide attention.” The statement of this notablepersonality is a reflection of the fact that from the late 80’s the young directors of the Japanesecinemas got backed up for providing the perfect kind of entertainment that was preferred by theaudience (Schilling, 2017). In the present millennium, a number of Japanese films are gettingnominated in the categories of best foreign language films. Akira Kurosawa’s ‘Rashomon’ wasawarded in 1951. Apart from that he even got the best foreign language film award in the year1975 for Dersu Uzala (Miyao 2013).Japanese cinema cannot be analyzed without discussing the contribution of AkiraKurosawa. Right from his childhood he had a passion for cinema and an urge towards artisticcreativity. Most of his films portray the dejection that was resulted due to the suicide of his elderbrother with whom he shared a strong bond, both being cinema fanatic (National Science andMedia Museum blog, 2017). Being slightly younger than the other eminent directors of Japanesecinema, Kurosawa had the experience of working within the Japanese studio system as well asthe modern independent production. With the worldwide success of Rashomon he also enjoyedhis position as an internationally acclaimed film- maker. Although this film was a turning pointin the Japanese film industry after 1951, but his long duration of production and preparation anddifficulty in finding sponsors did not let him present the audience with a huge number of films.There was a common link between the two master film- makers Akira Kurosawa andYasujiro Ozu. Both of them enjoyed Hollywood movies and Western music and observed thepatterns that were useful for them. Ozu had such a deep passion for movies since his childhoodthat he used to skip school to go to theatre for watching Hollywood movies (Cook 2016). The
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