Film Studies Assignment: Film Director

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Running head: KKD 101KKD 101Name of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
KKD 1011Executive summaryThe purpose of this paper is to highlight various aspects of becoming a film director. Thepaper gives a detailed idea of the trends of the film industry of the global market and what arethe determining factors of success in the film industry. In this papers the information whichare provided are taken from secondary sources like journals websites and books. The reportalso includes the curriculum vitae and the evidences of my past work experiences asphotographer, editor and cinematographer. The report consists a personal analysis, the trendsof the global film industry, detailed occupational tools that are required for becoming asuccessful film director and also includes a section where the career building strategies areincluded.
KKD 1012IntroductionI, Rumesh Bandara, have completed a degree in Information Technology fromAustralian College of Business and Technology. After completed the degree course I realisedthat I was somehow misdirected to choose the correct path of my career as my passion ismaking films. Later I joined Srilankan Television Training Institute for a diploma course thatwas completed by the year of 2014. After completing that I am pursuing Diploma of CreativeIndustries and a bachelor’s degree of Film and Television at QUT Brisbane Australia. Myaim is to become a film director and I have earned a bit of experience while studying inAustralia in this field and back in Srilanka I have worked as creative director, Editor andCinematographer in an organization. Currently I have experience of working as Director,Editor and Cinematographer and I strongly believe that I can perform the role of a filmdirector. As I have achieved one and still pursuing one relevant course in the relevant fieldand I have some work experience in this field as well in my domestic film industry and alsoin Australian movie industry, the international exposure is one of my biggest strengths.Working in both the environment actually immunes me from all the oddities that the directorsgenerally face at the time of making a film. The purpose of this paper is to highlight variousaspects of the profession of a film director. The paper stresses on the required professionaltools, various abilities that are required to become a popular or successful film director andalso sheds light on the budget and strategies of becoming a film director.Career and industry trendsIn the international market the growth opportunity in the career of a film director isquite impressive. As it can be seen that according to the statistics there is approximately 9%growth rate in the international job market of film directors and on an average a film directorcan expect a 70,660 US dollars of annual income in the contemporary market(Donald &
KKD 1013Gammack, 2016). On the other hand, in the market of Srilanka, the movie industry is stilldeveloping. There are some challenges for the movie industry in Srilanka regarding fundingand many political issues and that make the job of a director instable there. In this regard itcan be said that the global job market for film directors is very positive.Figure: Box office growthSource: (Donald & Gammack, 2016)The above graph shows how the revenues from the movies are getting increased peryear and that projects the growth opportunities of the career of a film director.In the market of Australia, the government’s incessant help makes it easier for theindividuals to take up the role of film directors or any creative roles in television and filmindustry. According toBeeton (2016),the government of Australia directly funds thetelevision and film industry for the last three decades; and for each featured film an averagemonetary contribution of the federal government of Australia ranges from 25 to 30%. Thegovernment of Australia has amended various policies in favour of the television and filmindustry and thus taking up the role of a film director in Australia would be much more
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