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Final 11.OCEANIC WATER CIRCULATION There are three types of ocean water circulation1.Waves: It is a movement of oscillatory. It is a sort of horizontal movement of the ocean. The energy of waves is the wind.2.Tides: It is rise and fall of sea levels in periodically. It is a vertical movement of the ocean. There are two types' tides that are low tide and Ebb tide.3.Ocean current: It is the horizontal flow of a mass quantity of water in a structured direction. It is like a river flowing.Effects of climate changeIt is easily interrupted process. Changes in climate impact belt of the conveyor. Global warming leads to increase in rainfall because of it water level in ocean increases and can cause to flood and melting of glacier lead to long term effect on the ocean.2.FloodTypes of floodThere are various types of the flood as follows:Riverine flooding:Changes in riverine flooding vary with terrain. Flat areas cover from shallow and water will come slowly in a week, in areas of the hilly and mountainous flood has arisen just in a minute after heavy rain. There are many types of riverine flooding like overbank flooding, flash floods, ice jam flooding

Final 2Source: ("Riverine flooding, 2017)Urban drainage:In areas like undeveloped water is run off by its nature. Water will remain there only where they fall some of them are evaporated, and ground absorbs some, some feed the plants and trees and some permeate into ground deeply and remaining which are left collected into rivulets, assemble both in speed and quantity as it quickly down the watershed by drainage ways and space to its final destination.

Final 3 Ground failures:Abatement and condensation of soil cause the areas flood prone in the immediate proximity of ground failure, on the other hand, mud floods and mudflows causes the damage to downstream and down slope of the area where the primary ground failure has occurred. Fluctuating lake levels:The level of water in the lake may fluctuate yearly in the short term or long term. When there is aheavy rainfall result in high water level for short period and annual melting of snow may results in high water level in long period Coastal flooding and erosion:Coastal flooding and erosion caused from wave actions and storm surges, and it is a serious problem, but the frequency of flood may vary from time to time. (Nied Manuela et al., 2014)HazardsHazards associated with this flood are categorized into initial hazards that can arise due to the direct connection of water and secondly, it occurs because of flooding’s like an interruption of services, health diseases and effects of tertiary.These hazards can be prevented by changing life styles, purchasing pattern, avoid direct contact to water, avoid eating fast food and does not let the rain water collected from the house.3.Coastal sedimentation processWaves and tides cause it. Environment fine sediments of Shore face and near shore which is dominated wave remain suspended which left behind the sediments of coarse grain. This is deposited in deep water. So, gravel and sand dominate the foreshore, near shore and beach. Tidescause from the gravitational attraction of moon and sun on the oceans.

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