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Final Program (300 pts): Course Gradebook.

Added on -2019-09-19

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Final Program (300 pts): Course GradebookProgram flow:1.Input data2.Check/validate data3.Calculate final grade4.Output dataRequirements:1.The number of students to enter will be 10.2.Using a struct, you will keep track of a student's:a.first nameb.last namec.student IDd.4 exam grades (each out of 100 points) letter grade.3.For each student, if the user enters invalid data he will be allowed to enter it again.4.Steps 3 and 4 of the Program Flow cannot execute if your data checking detected an error.5.Letter grade calculation will use the standard grading scale.a.90% - 100% = Ab.80% - 89% = Bc.70% - 79% = Cd.60% - 69% = De.Below 60% = F6.The output will consist of:a.A list of students who passed (C or higher)b.A list of students who did not pass (D or lower)c.The person(s) with the highest grade (points, not letter)Restrictions:1.main() will only consist of variable declarations, functions, and small amounts of logic, if necessary. The majority of the logic will reside in the core functions.2.In the student struct, the exam grades must be stored as an array, not 4 separate variables.3.For Program Flow 2: use a function4.For Requirement 3: use a try/catch and a loopExample output -------------PASS----Aberdeen, JoeABlake, KevinAGarry, GlenCJenakovski, MaryBFAIL----Zoolander, DerekFHIGHEST GRADE----Blake, KevinA

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