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Final Project - An Application of the Criminal Justice System.

Added on - 21 Sep 2019

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Final Project - An Application of the Criminal Justice SystemInstructionsThis assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of how the criminal justice system works. Thisassignment is designed to give you an opportunity to display your knowledge of the parts andprocesses of the criminal justice system. The more specific and detailed the paper is, the moreeffective it will be in demonstrating your understanding of the system.Step 1. Select one of the three Case Studies below. Where there is more than one person arrested/charged in that case, please focus on ONE of the subjects for the purpose of this research paper.Step 2. Describe the process that the offender would go through in the criminal justice system,beginning with arrest. For purposes of this assignment you are to assume that the offender will beeventually convicted, thus your paper should also include all stages in the criminal justice processsubsequent to conviction. Upon conviction, you must also determine the probable sentence theoffender will receive, (institutionalization or community-based supervision); explain why thesentence you have chosen would most likely occur, and what the offender can expect in light ofthis sentence. Students who exhibit mastery of this project and how the system works will alsoprovide a probable alternative to the selected sentence, fully explaining “why” this alternativecould also occur.In essence, this paper will track the offender from removal from the communityby police, to return to the community free of imposed supervision.Step 3. Conclude your analysis by discussing what you believe to be the weakest link in thecriminal justice process and the strongest link in the process. Provide explanations to supportyour assessments for both. Careful critical thinking is required. Invest considerable effort inthinking about what you have learned over the course of the term in addressing this final aspect ofthe mission.The sources you are to use to obtain information for your descriptions of the criminal justiceprocess include the course reading material andtwopeer-reviewed journal articles. As anacademic paper it must contain APA formatted citations throughout the paper wheneverinformation is being presented from a source. You can find examples of citations and referencesthrough the following links: though you may have personal experience in the field (e.g. police officer) or use knowledgeobtained in previous courses, information used in this paper must be supported through the use ofcitations which meet the criteria for sources indicated above.An example of the correct page header and title page format can be found in Unit 3 of the APATutorial in the Course Content.
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