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Developing a Health Promotion Activity for Lawrenceburg, IN

Added on -2019-09-23

This paper discusses the current population health issues in Lawrenceburg, IN, genetic/genomic challenges, human diversity issues, physical assessment and documentation, pathophysiology, pharmacology, nursing education, levels of prevention, model or nursing theory, ethical issues, and patient education handout.
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FinalProject(Paper)Student willsearchandwrite a paperthataddresstherequirements ofthe paper listed below.Responsesto the questions (in thetablebelow) are to be based on your nursing educatorrole at the hospital.Each student should addressthequestionsusingtheirowncreativeplan,includingrationales andsupporting data needto be given as appropriate.Write a paper that include:1.Titlepage2.Abstract page3.Content (7 pages)4.Referencepage ...... so, the total pages are (10 pages)ScenarioYour(health educator)positionhasjust been downsized by a largehealthcarecorporationwhosemission and statement has been redefinedas a resultof 3 years of significantfinancial losses.Yourparents are increasinglyfailing in health and youhave gottenseveralphone callsfromtheir neighborsconcernedforyourparent’s safety.Youmake the decisiontorelocate to assist themin Lawrenceburg,Indiana (IN), USA.Youwill be able to supervise your parents and thelocal hospital has a position that hasbeen open for over 18 monthsfor a Master’sprepared nurse.Youhave been awardedtheposition.A majorconstructionboomis occurring in Lawrenceburg. Alargecasinocorporationis buildinganother resort/casinocomplex.This building boomhas brought additionalNativeAmericans tothe area as theywill be benefitingfromthe casinoprofits.Theconstruction ofthe complex hasbeen awarded to a companywithcontractedlaborersfrom Mexico.Thecompanyestimates500-1000 workerswith a majority of them fromMexico City,Mexico.A smallportion ofthecomplex has alreadybeen built foruse in training the casinostaff.The casino company has beensuccessfulinrecruitingEasternEuropeanworkers to manage and operate the casinogames.Thealso rely ona largeportion of immigrantworkers in hospitality.Currently, thereareapproximately 250 workerstrainingfor the facilityoperations.Upon the firstweek ofyour employment you are requestedto go to a community planningcommittee regardingthe hospitalrole in the developing/changingLawerenceburgeconomy.Yourassessment is the group is overwhelmed by the changesoccurringin the area.They haveconcernsthat a smalllocallyownedgrocery storemight closing because a large chainstore hasbuilt outside of town and sales atthe store areveryweak.Thestore’simportancewas a programproviding freediabetic medications fromtheir pharmacy. The store providesfreeGlucophage,Glyburide,Glucovance and regularInsulin.Manyresidentsareworriedtheywillnot be abletoafford theirmedications to keep their diabetesundercontrol.Diabetes andCOPD arecommonchronic diseasesinthe area as 25% ofthe populationsmokescompared to 20% in the nation.Thecommitteealsorecognizeswiththeinflux of workers, the twoprimary care providers intownare notable toschedulereturnappointments because they are overwhelmedwith acutevisits.Manydiabeticshave not beenseen in over 9months.PrimaryCarePhysicians areconcernedabout the many unique conditions they are seeingwith the EasternEuropean,Mexicanand Native Americanpopulations.One MDwho is approaching his 78thbirthdaysays by the endofyear he willbe
retiring to Florida becausethe office pace andincreasingdocumentationdemandsfrom Medicareand other insurances aretoo much to keep up with at hisage.As a side note, a dissident on the committeekeepstalkingabout the “Swim out ofthe Weeds”Fund.Thisfundwasestablished to teachLawrenceburgchildren howtoswim.In the early1940’smultiplechildrendrowned inOhioRiver.Atrust fundwas set up to assure each childwas taughttoswimin the 1stand2ndgrade. Thefund has grown toa principle of$1.5 milliondollars.The localschoolis no longer teachingswimming in this age categorybecause ofstatemandatededucationalrequirements.The schoolhas not askedforfunding fromthis source forthe past 2 years.Thefund has had nowithdrawals fromits principle inthe past 2 years.Thereare veryelderlygrandchildren to the benefactorfamily stillinthe area.Thegrandchildren havesomedirection on the fund, but the fund is managed by the localFarmer’sStateBank.Themeetingwasinterruptedby the news twosiblings werefound to have drown in the river.Thehospital is a critical access hospital andis seeing an increase incensus and in the number ofpatientsbeingtransferredout forhigherlevel of care. Anew ambulanceservice has addedthreeparamedicstaffed ambulances responsible just forinter-facilitytransfers.A for-profitairambulanceservice is negotiatingwiththe countyairportauthority on placing a base for amedicalhelicopter in operation.You return to the hospital to recover fromthemassinformationgatheredat the meeting, and gothrough yourvoicemail.You have an angry voicemail fromthe ERmanagerwhosays her staffisthreatening to leavebecausetheyfeeloverwhelmedwith the increasednumbers of patientsseen, the unfamiliaritywiththe new diversityto the areaand therecurrence of critical traumasincluding1-2constructionaccidents, 2-3 alcohol relatedaccidentsdailyand a largeincrease indomesticviolencewith1-2 casesa week as compared to 1a month a year ago.Themost recentdomesticviolence incidentwas a fatherthat shothis wife in front of two kids, then shot at andkilled one childwhilethe other was able toescape.Thenextvoicemailis a requestfromthemanager of Women’sServicesthatin the past 12 monthsthere has been alarge increase inteenage pregnancy, a 4-foldincrease in deliveries withco-morbidgestationaldiabetes.Shestatesthe CountyChildProtectionServicesDirectorwants a meetingwith you and her becauseofa report fromtwo ofyour L&D nurses whostate the increasedteenage pregnancyrateisrelated toadolescentgirls’infatuationwith guys withaccents and can be tracedbackto the newresortcomplex.You skip therest ofyour voicemailandreceiveanemailreminder on your I-Phone ofanupcominghealth fair inone week.This had slipped your mind, and youhad committedstaff toattendthe community health fair to be held inconjunctionwith a hiringeventfor the resort atthetrainingfacility.Youmustdevelopa teachingplanfor your nurses sotheywill be culturallyaware and sensitive tothenewestmembers ofthe community, as well asdevelopinga hand outthat appeals toan area ofhealthconcernfor the population.As you head for lunch, theHR directornotifiesyou the NursingEducator who has been onextended maternityleave has decidedto not return to work.You are now responsiblefordevelopinga reportregardingthechallenges of primary,secondary and tertiaryprevention inthehospital’sservice area.

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