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[TYPE THE COMPANY NAME]Report on: The uniqueanalysis and designchallenges thatinformation system’professionals mustovercome given theenvironment that themodern healthcaresetting presents[Type the document subtitle]ABC[Pick the date]
Final Report1IntroductionNow-a-days, the information systems are the backbone for almost all the organisations.Without the information systems, it has become impossible for the banks to process thepayments; government cannot collect taxes from all the people, the patients cannot be tracedin hospitals etc. The role of information system has become prominent in almost every sectorincluding educational, manufacturing, financial, governmental, healthcare etc. But, thedevelopment of these information systems for effective functioning of the activities of anyorganisation is not an easy task. The professionals, who are involved in this, face difficulty ondaily basis to design the systems, integrate all aspects and requirements in it and ensure itssuccessful implementation. After implementation too, they have to take care of theupgradation of the systems as per the changing requirements of the organisations and theyalso have to maintain the security of the systems.The purpose of this report is to determine the unique analysis and design challenges thatinformation system’ professionals must overcome given the environment that the modernhealthcare setting presents.Design phaseIn this phase, the information system professionals try to develop the models that help inestablishing a communication between the users and the software developers of theinformation systems. In this phase, the unique challenge that the professionals face is relatedto the gathering of requirements for designing the systems. In the healthcare sector, there arecontinuous technological advancements that happen and accordingly, the systems have to bedesigned.
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