Final Research Paper Assignment.

Added on - 19 Sep 2019

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Final Research Paper AssignmentDue Date: 6/14 in your writing portfolioRequirements: 5 pages (This includes the title and reference page)APA: 1 inch margins and 12 font New Times Roman fontDouble SpaceAPA formatting(see video for formatting week 13)Minimum of 4 sourcesTopic:Why Does the Chinese Government Censor International SNS in Mainland China?Thesis Statement:The Chinese government censors SNS in mainland China to control thecrowd, and to strengthen its communist party, to support their IT companies such as Weibo andTudou.*Based on the thesis, please include 1. Control crowd(people), 2. Strengthen communist party,3. Support own IT companiesShould contain:A- exemplary work that demonstrates a complexity of thought, strong essay organization,purposeful paragraph development with identifiable pattern of organization and supportingquotes. Quotes are punctuated properly. The writing has academic style, voice and minor if anygrammatical errors. The paper meets all requirements of the assignment to a high degree. Uses avariation of sentence structures for cohesiveness. Transitions such as conjunctive adverbs guidethe writing. APA format is used correctly. Research supports the thesis and has clearorganization for the paper. Topics sentence are supported with evidence from the researchlogically. The evidence is explained and forms a conclusion.B- strong work that demonstrates some complexity of thought, good essay organization,paragraph development and supporting quotes. The writing may at times use informal language,lack a unique voice and have some grammatical errors. Though some sentence structure variation
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