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Running head: NURSING FINANCE 1Nursing FinanceNameInstitution
NURSING FINANCE2NURSING FINANCEKey points/ business plan DescriptionThe program aims at starting both inpatient and outpatient geriatric psychiatry service area. Theoutpatient geriatric psychiatry (OGP) clinic will be a home to multidisciplinary team of devotedprofessionals who will provide care which encompass comprehensive neuropsychiatricassessments, individual and group therapy, psychopharmacology, Electroconvulsive Therapy aswell as support group. Certain outpatient could as well be eligible for research protocols that willbe available via the program’s research initiatives. The caregiver support groups will be offeredfor family member that will need support.The inpatient geriatric psychiatry will have a unit that will offer care for older patientagonizing from severe neuropsychiatric illness which need intensive evaluation alongsidetreatment. There will be specialized teams of nurses, physicians, social workers, alongsiderehabilitation therapists skilled enough to provide comprehensive neuropsychiatric as well asmedical evaluations, and develop the utmost efficient treatment plan for every patient. Theinpatient care will include psych pharmacotherapy, group and individual psychotherapyincluding music therapy, drama therapy and art therapy; ECT as well as after-care planning.Market AnalysisThere has been an explosion in number of older adults with behavioral disorders thus theunprecedented increase in the demand for more effective treatment for psychiatric disorders toreduce the high mortality in mentally ill young adult for many people to hit old age.Additionally, with increase in elderly cohorts, more individuals will have opportunity to developlate-onset psychiatric illness, usually linked with underlying medical/neurological illness.Extreme shortage of healthcare professionals skilled in elderly with behavioral illness treatment
NURSING FINANCE3is facing the country. The cost for caring for people with dementia double that of caring foraverage Medicare patients. Moreover dementia patients account for ten-thirty percent of nursinghome admission at a cost of close to $100 billion per year. It remains important that such ashortage of geriatric mental health care practionares be addressed.Mission and Vision ConnectionThe mission is to reduce mortality rates and this in in line with the program as it seeks toensure shortage of practitioners is addressed to offer quality and effective services to thesegroup. The vision is to ensure that many young adults hit elderly age through effective treamnetof mentally disorders. This is line with the program as it will help curtail the death rate from suchdisorders.Relevance to the organizations future successThe future success of the organization hinges effective implementation of this program asit will create a sustained competitive edge and hence more clients will be admitted and hence asustainability to the organization.Community BenefitThe complete implementation of this program will be of great beneficial to thecommunity as the elderly will be catered for and it will reduce the deaths from the mental illness.This will mean that people will be energetic to boost productivity.Expected Capital and Budget NeedsThis service could be started at no cost to the clinic. We are set up for this program andthe There is the argument that it is taking away from the provider’s clinic which makes moremoney.Short/Long-Term Impact
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