Financial Analysis and Balance Scorecard Approach Report

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RUNNING HEAD: Financial analysis and Balance score card approach1Name of the student-Topic-Financial analysis and Balance score card approachUniversity name-
Financial analysis and Balance score card approach2In this report, study has been conducted to evaluate the financial and businessperformance of company.Present description of companyCentaur Media Company is events and marketing Solution Company based in Londonand providing commercial market services around the globe. It provides financial, marketingand commodity based services to its clients (Centaur media, 2017).Competitors name of theCentaur Media CompanyIn this report, Wilmington Plc (WILL) has been taken as rival company for CentaurMedia Company to evaluate its business and financial performance (Wilmington Plc (WILL,2017).Comparison with competitor and industry average figureThere are several tools such as using of balance score card approach, KPI assigningfactors, competitor’s industry figure and strategic map to evaluate the performance of company.In this report,Centaur Media Company has been taken into consideration.
Financial analysis and Balance score card approach3After evaluating the industry market average andWilmington Plc (WILL) businessperformance, it is evaluated that market capitalization of Centaur Media Plc is GBP 76 millionwhich has increased throughout the time and shown high amount of growth in since last 10years. On the other hand, Wilmington Plc (WILL) has reflected GBP 207 million market
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