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RUNNING HEAD: Financial analysis and case study1Name of the student-Topic-University name-
Financial analysis and case study2Part-AQuestion 9.45 on the Dorquary HotelComputation of budgeted room revenue for each of the three monthsBudget- It is prepared to calculate the revenue and budget of the hotel for the three month.This three month budget has been prepared to identify the total revenue and expensesincurred by Dorquary Hotel for its business functioning.These are the details of the rooms and occupancy which are given in below list.Rooms Available20Rooms rate180Rooms occupancy90%In Jan,Rooms rate180+10%Rooms occupancy95%In Feb,Rooms rate180+10%Rooms occupancy85%
Financial analysis and case study3These all the information has been given in the question and room occupancy rate has beencomputed on the basis of same.Computation of budgeted room revenueStatement of budgeted room revenueDecJanFebRooms available202020Rooms occupancy90%95%85%Total used rooms (Roomsavailable * rooms occupancy)181917Room rate180198198Room revenue (total used room *rooms rate)324037623366Question 9.45 on the Dorquary Hotel (2)Determination of occupancy rateIt is evaluated that occupancy rate of the Dorquary Hotel is determined on the basis ofseason and other external factors of the business. Room revenue is increased with theincreased rate of occupancy. It is evaluated that in the peak season such as December and Janrevenue of the rooms will be increased. The occupancy rate is increased in December and Jandue to high demand of the clients in market. Ideally, December is the peak time when people
Financial analysis and case study4like to enjoy their life by taking offs (Ekren, Ekren & Ozerdem, 2009).There are other factors which will affect the occupancy rate of Dorquary HotelParticular season of the tourismNewly adopted systems and core competency of hotel to attract more clients on domestic andinternational level.Implementing new rules and new alliance to attract more clientsConducting events and new clients oriented programCost and hotel booking rate or priceBrand image and services offered by Dorquary HotelStrategic alliance and integration strategies adopted by Dorquary Hotel to attract clients fromdomestic and international clients.Adopting cyber computing system to allow clients to book rooms and other hospitalitiesservices through online portalPart-BQuestion 2.572Answer to question no-1After evaluating the details and related facts of the case, it is observed that Anitah loh being asalesperson has given a lucrative offer to Mr. Smith to influence his choice of decision to buysoftware packages for his company. However, offer given by Anitah Loh is to influence Mr.Smith to come down to check the company’s offered software packages (Bardach &Patashnik, 2015).Ethical concern
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