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Financial Analysis of Company

Added on - 07 Apr 2020

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RUNNING HEAD: Financial analysis of company1Financial analysis of company
Financial analysis of company2With ramified economic changes, and increasing complexity of business, each andevery business has to maintain their liquidity in effective manner. In this report, Aus Net ServiceCompany has been taken into consideration. This company is energy producing company havingheadquartered in Melbourne, Australia. This company has been facing tough businessfunctioning due to less demand of its products in market (Xu, et al. 2014).Operating cash flow ratio- It is the ratio which measure how well current liabilities are coveredby the cash flow generated from company’s operations. It could help organization to gaugecompany’s liquidity in the short term (Gritta & Adrangi, 2014).Operating cash flow ratio of company could be computed by using the given formulaOCF ratio = cash flow from operation/current liabilitiesCash flow fromoperation (Amountin AUD $ Million)201520162017Inventory---Other working capital-70Other non-cash0703743Total cash flow fromoperation703743
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