Financial Performance Report.


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Financial Performance ReportDate 10/08/2019Author Peter Timilsina Report Purpose To identify the areas of the business that have generated profit and loss. 2018-2019 Profit and Loss AnalysisOverview The research will be made on Grow management consultants which is a consultancy business that mostly focus on the leadership since 5 years. Grow management adhere to provide their services Australia wide. By using the data provided, a financial performance report will be generated in this task. The Revenue Generated Gross income - $1,335,600Total Expenses - $671,403Net Profit = $664,197 Gross profit margin ratioNet profit margin ratioWorkshop and Publications Workshop PublicationsHighest cost to the business Overall Business HighlightsConsulting Workshops Executive Search E- book ReasonsReasons for profit or loss based on your analysis of the data on economic conditions and business trends1. © Clinton Institute

Financial Performance Report© Clinton Institute

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